Facebook Chats Monitors to Detect Suspicious Activity

You are talking to someone on the chat Facebook? You can not be alone: ​​the monitoring software one social network Mark Zuckerberg is able to track the activities of users in chats and detect suspicious behavior. In March, Facebook was able to prevent a girl was sexually assaulted after an analysis carried out by employees of the service.

The algorithm searches for phrases previously obtained in chats criminals, including those involved in sexual abuse. The Reuters published on Thursday (12) a success. A 30 year old man was talking about sex and arranged a meeting with a girl of 13 years. The Facebook system automatically sent the chat history to employees of Facebook, who analyzed the conversation and called the police immediately. The criminal was arrested the next day.

Some people should not like anything the idea of having their conversations read, but the director of security of Facebook, Joe Sullivan, says that only a small part of the conversation is accompanied by humans. “We never wanted to create an environment where we have employees watching private conversations, so it is very important we use a technology that has a small rate of false positives,” he said.

The system focuses specifically on conversations between users who do not have such a strong relationship on Facebook. People who do not often speak, have significant age differences or live far apart, for example, receive special attention and are more likely to be caught by the algorithm.

The story is controversial. While some believe that monitoring can inhibit the activity of criminals, others argue that a private conversation between two people need to be private.