Entertainment and Attractions of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Entertainment and Attractions of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

The main attractions of Sharm el-Sheikh are an incredibly beautiful underwater world, gorgeous beaches, plus a small number of remakes: pseudo-palaces from the Thousand and One Nights, dry and water amusement parks, shopping and entertainment centers.

You can get your dose of historical sightseeing by heading to the Coptic Church, the Papyrus Museum, the Al-Mustafa Mosque, and the Tutankhamun Museum. The church is located in the Ennur region, remote from the coast, and consists of two churches – the lower, older, in the basement, and the upper, in the best traditions of the cathedrals of some France. It is worth seeing wonderful mosaics and magnificent interior painting in an unexpectedly modern spirit, admiring the fine workmanship of the Patriarch’s chair and admiring the lion statues in the courtyard, as well as marveling at the unusual Coptic Bible written in Arabic. Check liuxers for customs and traditions of Egypt.

The Papyrus Museum is a smaller copy of the museum of the same name in Cairo, where you can not only admire the ancient Egyptian specimens, but also learn more about the technologies for making papyrus and its types, as well as purchase a painting or an inscription on this unusual material.

The Al-Mustafa Mosque can only be viewed from the outside: two 26-meter minarets, the splendor of architectural decorations and the overall elegance of the design, referring to the classical mosques of Iran and Uzbekistan, are impressive in its appearance. And the Tutankhamun Museum presents copies of items found in the tomb of the pharaoh: from a chariot to caskets and a funeral mask. The exposition is accompanied by signs in Russian.

National parks

Within Sharm el-Sheikh, the world-famous Ras Mohammed National Park is located, formed by the confluence of this territory with the Nabq National Park. At the same time, you can come to both national parks separately. In the Nabq National Park (it is located in the Sharma district of the same name), most tourists get on a boat from the sea, from the road you can drive there only by an all-wheel drive car. Here they examine not only underwater landscapes (snorkeling or diving), but also land – its famous mangroves.

Ras Mohammed (25 km from Sharm El Sheikh) occupies the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Here, in addition to fantastic marine life (barracudas, sea turtles and sea snakes), you can also meet rare terrestrial inhabitants: fennec foxes, herons, birds of prey. Until 14:00-15:00 the park is full of excursion groups. Inspection of the territory usually begins with the main beach, then – a salt lake, mangroves, an observation deck and a beach next to it.

Entertainment and clubs

Popular discos: Le Pacha (ex. Bus Stop), Hard Rock Cafe (the most interesting here starts after one in the morning), disco bar Smash and Black House (at the Tropicana Rosetta hotel). Fun Town children’s amusement park, Thousand and One Nights amusement park, dolphinarium. You can also play tennis, go-kart or play golf here.

Soho Square entertainment complex has opened not far from the Savoy Hotel, where you will find many shops, restaurants, discos, an ice rink and an ice bar.

Sharm El Sheikh for children

Children’s entertainment in Sharm el-Sheikh is mainly concentrated on the territory of hotels – the main thing is to choose the right hotel for a holiday with the smallest tourists. Pay attention to the presence in the hotel of animation in Russian (this is not uncommon), a mini-club, food suitable for children and, of course, a convenient beach. Some hotels have children’s bars and snack bars, where during the day your child can enjoy ice cream, cotton candy and popcorn. High-level “fives” provide children’s bathrobes and slippers.

The entertainment program for children outside the hotels is represented by a dolphinarium and a water park, the Fun Town amusement park and the Thousand and One Nights amusement park. Dolphina Park Dolphinarium is located in the Nabq area. Here you can not only watch shows with dolphins, but also take pictures and swim with them. The Aqua Blue Water Park is located in the bay of Ras Umm el Sid and offers adults and children a variety of moderately extreme and very simple slides, a “lazy” river, a pool with artificial waves and fun animation. Fun Town is a small amusement park with trains, carousels and horse and camel rides. The Thousand and One Nights Amusement Park and Shopping Complex is located in the Hadaba area. Until 16:00 you can visit it for free – look at the interior in the spirit of oriental tales, go shopping and relax in cafes and hookahs. In the evening, a light and musical performance about the history and folklore of Egypt begins with oriental dances, a show with snakes and fire, a horse show and performances by magicians. In Soho Square, you and your child will enjoy the evening performance of musical fountains (every day, duration – 45 minutes). You can also take your child on an evening excursion to the Bedouins, during which folk dances will be performed in front of you, traditional dishes will be fed and they will be offered to admire myriads of mysteriously twinkling southern stars through a telescope.

Weather in Sharm El Sheikh

Despite the fact that the tourist season in Sharm el-Sheikh lasts all year round, it is customary to separate two seasons, each with its own charms: mild winter, suitable for those who do not tolerate high air temperatures, and hot summer – the most beach-tanning with perceptibly by the baking sun. Rain in Sharm el-Sheikh is extremely rare, the air is dry and warm at any time of the year.

In summer, the thermometer sometimes reaches +40 ° C. However, low air humidity and constantly blowing winds make it easy to endure the heat.

In winter, at night, the temperature can drop to +15 ° C, so be sure to bring a sweater or windbreaker with you. However, the water temperature never drops below +20 °C even in winter.

Nabq is the windiest area of ​​Sharm El Sheikh. In summer, it will be comfortable for those who do not like intense heat (at the same time, you need to be careful when sunbathing in the sun: there is a danger of “overlapping”, being deceived by the imaginary coolness). But the winter winds in Nabq penetrate to the bone, and the sea is almost always stormy, with strong currents. For winter holidays, it is better to choose bays closed from the winds: Sharm el Maya, Sharks Bay, Ras Umm el Sid or Naama Bay.

Attractions of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

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