Entertainment and Attractions in Seychelles

Entertainment and Attractions in Seychelles

The historical “excursion” in the Seychelles is present in minimal quantities – and, by and large, it is not needed. All the main attractions here are exclusively natural: snow-white (and in some places even pale pink!) beaches, clear water, unique tropical nature, multi-colored marble stones and a stunning underwater world. Service in hotels, bungalows and lodges is always on the level. Aborigines are nice and friendly. Sunsets are fantastic, waves (where there are no strong currents) are invariably gentle. And also a fantastic (and this is not an artistic exaggeration) underwater world. For Seychelles climate and geography, please check TopPharmacySchools.


Cousin Island, a nature reserve since 1968, is located 2 km from Praslin Island. It is home to several endangered animal species and a nesting site for seabirds and turtles. Two of whom, old George and Georgina, live here and often follow tourists in the hope of scratching their necks.

Bird Island can be reached in half an hour by plane from Mahe Island. The island is known as home to approximately 1.5 million black terns that live here from May to September. The giant tortoise Esmeralda also lives here (they say that she is already over 150 years old). Curieuse Island, named after the ship that discovered it in 1768, is famous for its large colony of giant tortoises and dense thickets of tropical plants. There is also a national marine park here.

Arid Island is located just 15 km from Praslin. In 1973, it was bought for the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature by Christopher Cadbury, an English “chocolate” tycoon. The island serves as a major gathering place for seabirds throughout the region and is home to the world’s largest colonies of pink terns, lesser fulmars and red-tailed tropicbirds.

This is the only place on the planet where the lemon tree grows, the flowers of which exude a wonderful aroma.

St. Anna Marine National Park consists of 6 small islands. A tour of them begins with a trip on a glass-bottomed boat, which allows you to observe the colorful life of coral reefs. Then the path goes to Moyen Island, which is privately owned by a certain Mr. Grimshaw, who has been living here for a long time and is still trying to find pirate treasures. You can explore the island, see pirate graves and historical ruins (and try to score Mr. Grimshaw’s bucks by finding the infamous treasure).

  • What excursions can be visited in the Seychelles

10 things to do in the Seychelles

  1. Do nothing, do nothing and do nothing again on the secluded white sand beaches of the Seychelles
  2. Dive into the captivating underwater world off the coast of the Seychelles.
  3. Evaluate the delights of Creole cuisine – and not necessarily bat stew, for example, fish and rice – it’s a miracle how good!
  4. Try to find pirate treasure on Moyen Island.
  5. Walk around the capital of the island of Victoria and look at one of the two traffic lights in the whole country.
  6. Fly in a helicopter over the turquoise expanse of the Indian Ocean.
  7. Fish for tuna, secretly hoping to catch blue marlin.
  8. Take a risk and be legally married to the approving whisper of the ocean.
  9. Join the proud fraternity of the “dosochnikov” on the beach of Grand Anse.
  10. Take a “coco de mer” walnut with you to your homeland so that there is something to remember in the long Russian winter.

Night life

Fans of vibrant nightlife may be disappointed: all local entertainment is represented by a couple of discos and casinos. There are only three casinos on the island of Mahe: at the Plantation Club Hotel, Berjaya Beau Vallon and a recently opened, but already the best casino in Victoria. Clubs are the same problem. They are far from numerous and often uninteresting. Pleasant exceptions: the Lovant Club in the center of Victoria, the Katiolo disco, which looks like Uncle Tom’s hut and the country disco of the 80s and 90s, the very small 369 Club and the Barrel (or simply the Barrel)) is a cheap and fun place, mostly with a local audience. Praslin Island has a casino at the Lemuria Resort.

But on the islands, many festivals and sporting events take place throughout the year, the most famous among them are the Great Regatta and the Festival of Creole Culture.

Holidays and events in Seychelles

The main public holidays in the Seychelles fall on the first month of summer. June 5 – Liberation Day in honor of the coming to power of the socialists, 29 – Independence Day: in 1976, the islands got out of British control and officially became a republic. The brightest in the summer series is National Reconciliation Day on June 18 in honor of the adoption of the Constitution with magnificent parades in the capital, music shows and flower exhibitions.

At the Praslin Culinary Festival in September, among other treats, you can taste coco de mer cocktails, ostrich stew and other exotics.

The New Year is celebrated with a tropical flavor: palm trees are decorated instead of Christmas trees, flowers are hung instead of electric garlands, but dances, fireworks and feasts are international traditions. They also love festivals in the Seychelles: in the spring they hold the March Carnival, which attracts thousands of tourists, and the French Week with concerts, exhibitions and craft fairs. In May, a sailing regatta takes place, in June – Mind Body Spirit, which promotes a healthy lifestyle. The festival of Creole culture is a chance to get acquainted with the ancient customs of the islanders, the fishing festival on La Digue is an occasion to compete with the locals in the art of fishing.

Attractions in Seychelles

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