Ecological Leather Jacket Women: Fashion Tips

Nowadays there is a great deal of concern on the part of the authorities to raise awareness of the population and draw attention to the use of environmentally-friendly materials in the production of various consumer items such as clothes, shoes, furniture, household items and cosmetics. A great fashion trend for next winter is the replacement of the animal by the synthetic ecological leather leather in jackets for women. The great advantage of the piece is to be nearly identical to conventional models and also be lighter and easy to maintain. Meet some models of eco-leather jackets and learn tips on how to use the parts and combine them the correct way for your body type.


1.The ecological leather jackets XL must be cut straight and dark colors. The most important for the visual look refined without losing the comfort is to choose the size of the piece is right for you to be adjusted to the body without highlighting the extra flab. A good option to camouflage the thighs and belly is to buy longer parts and combine them with pants, leggings or jeans and leather boots or sneakers.

2.Have the pieces to the skinny women can enhance the waist length just above the navel. The important thing to use this style is being with the body fit and combine the jacket with a pair of slightly more larguinha in the region of the hips to the visual not look vulgar. The colorful eco-leather is also a great option to enhance the silhouette without losing the elegance and classic touch in production. Women with breasts should avoid this type of jacket that can make you look overweight.

3.The straight cut jackets and Classic modeling can be used with skirts, dresses and even how to overlap the other sweaters. Light colors are indicated for informal occasions and should always match the tones chosen for the shoe and purse. Models with metallic colors should be avoided in formal environments and also for women over 40 years. Another interesting option to vary the style models with bangs that recall the universe country without losing the air chic and elegant. But remember not to resort to exaggeration.