Eating in Copenhagen

Eating in Copenhagen

Restaurants in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has many good places to eat, whether you want a simpler meal at an inn or a nicer dinner at a luxury restaurant. It is no problem to find a good and pleasant inn where delicious Danish food is served, or restaurants with food traditions from all the world’s nooks and crannies. The Danish chefs are known for making good portions of food, and most restaurants have varied menus that should satisfy both large and small stomachs.

Here are some suggestions if you need inspiration in the food route when you are in Denmark’s capital:

  • Noma has been named the world’s best restaurant several times. You have to book a table long time in advance, but for food lovers this is definitely the top of the wreath cake in Copenhagen.
  • Kiin Kiin and AOC are two good options if you did not get a table at Noma, but still want to go to a restaurant with a star in the Michelin guide. Kiin Kiin was the first Asian restaurant (Thai) to receive a star, while AOC (with two stars in the guide) focuses on Nordic food traditions and ingredients.
  • The breakfast place is the restaurant you should visit if you love vegetarian food, and visit the free town of Christiania. Please note that the restaurant does not open until late in the morning, despite the name indicating otherwise (the inhabitants of the sanctuary may not get up as early as other people…).
  • Growth in Sankt Peders Stræde is a great restaurant, located in a converted greenhouse. Much of the focus is on fresh vegetables, but not just vegetarian dishes. Here you get delicious seafood and meat dishes as well.
  • Cock’s and Cow is the place to go if your stomach is screaming for gourmet-class burgers. The menu has an impressive selection of varieties, and the accessories are perfect for this type of food. Cock’s and Cow has six restaurants in Copenhagen, including the one located at Kastrup Airport.
  • Royal Smushi Café is where you have to go if you want to eat the herb Danish open sandwiches, and maybe take another snap. Usually the Danes’ slices of bread are loaded with toppings, and thus you often only need one of them. At Royal Smushi, you get the open sandwiches served in sushi size, so you can taste all varieties if you want.
  • Schønnemann is one of the city’s oldest restaurants, and it also serves traditional Danish dishes. Try Scønnemann’s open sandwiches with herring or smoked eel, preferably with ice-cold schnapps next to it.
  • Café Far’s Dreng has two breakfast restaurants in the center of Copenhagen. Stop by if you are hungry for what is said to be the city’s best breakfast.

Nightlife in Copenhagen

Nightlife in Copenhagen

According to Abbreviation Finder, the nightlife in Copenhagen is not different from what you get in Oslo. The differences are mostly in that there is more to choose from, and the rules for closing time are more liberal. Here is a selection of the better establishments within each category:


  • Chateu Motel– huge nightclub on over four floors.
  • HIVE– nightclub with lovely lounges and top DJs.
  • Bremen Theater– on Fridays and Saturdays, the foyer of the theater is transformed into one of the city’s best nightclubs.


  • The Jane– nightclub and cocktail bar with both dance floors and Chesterfield
  • Curfew– Curfew you will find Stenosgade 1 and it is known as one of the very best bars in Copenhagen.
  • 1105– trendy cocktail bar with English style, caters to those over 30 years.
  • Madam Chu’s– one of the city’s best bars with Chinese-inspired interiors.

Traditional pubs

  • Bo-Bi Bar– old Danish inn with relaxed style and nice prices.
  • Vessels Kro– even older pub with a good selection of drinks, and open until late at night.
  • Aléenberg– unchanged bodega since 1924, and open until the sun rises.

Beer bars

  • Mikkeller and Friends– one of Denmark’s best breweries, with over 40 bottling towers.
  • Himmeriget– small and intimate beer bar with beer from the best breweries.
  • Taphouse– centrally located and large beer bar with over 60 tap towers.

Wine bars

  • Ravnsborg Wine Bar– one of the best wine bars. Intimate with good dishes.
  • Nimb Vinotek– choose from over 1000 bottles. Interior in typical Danish design.
  • Ancestral– modern and cozy. Top selection in wine and delicious snacks.

Wine bars

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