Don’t Force Yourself out of the Covers with This App [Tip]

It may be hard to come off in the morning, but this app can be a good, but annoying help.

It’s Monday morning and you feel not quite rested, when you turn the alarm off. Therefore you fall asleep again. It’s probably happened to a part, but it is there for advice, for example with app Alarmy, which is also called ‘ sleep if you can ‘.

The special thing about Alarmy is that it can be set to only be turned off if you take an image similar to what you have selected.

So this means that if you take a picture of the sink in the bathroom with the toothbrush, then shuts off the first, when you go out there in the morning and takes a picture similar to.

So are you forced to get out of bed to get a little peace for this alarm clock.

The alarm can be obtained both for Android, which is free (a pro version is available for download without advertisements) and then to the iOS, where it cost 13 dollars.