Do KPlan?, Rate for Groups of Euskaltel

Adding to the rate 90 × 1 recently uttered Euskaltel is added Kplan? focused mostly on a young audience and that communicates with a small group of people. This group will be of up to 10 people and can make calls between them 5 cents the minute and also send SMS to 5 cents.

Also, include a series of free SMS, depending on the number of people in the group. 25 free SMS per month for each Member, are offered for groups of fewer than five people while there are 50 free SMS per month for each for groups of 5 to 10 people.

Rate Kplan? It is available both in card contract. In the latter case it has a minimum of 9 euros per month consumption, while outside the Group calls cost 21 cents per minute. Card minimum consumption is 3 euros per month and calls outside the Group cost 29 cents per minute.

Update: Although we don’t specify initially, groups have to be users of Euskaltel.