Do It Yourself: Chair Domo Kun

The Domo Kun doll is a Japanese mascot that over time has become a meme on the Internet and used as a recurring joke. I know that to make a Chair inspired by Domo Kun It is not for everyone, but I think it is a detail of the most fun for the home of any Internet addict.

To make it, they used an Ikea Snille Chair coming for 15 euros and beaten the two eyes with felt black and velcro. Then they cut two circles of felt glued with adhesive felt. To top it off, stitched white triangles to a Red cushion stitched in black imitating the famous Monster square mouth.

To me I have fallen in love with because Domo Kun I very nice drop Although I understand that this “do it yourself” is not for everyone. If you are among those who like this pet, surely you will be surprised to all your visits of a simple and cheap way.