Cyclists Win Their Own Valet Service and Other Pampering

Increased number of cycle paths contribute to the emergence of new business in the capital.

The dissemination of bicycle culture in São Paulo has directly reflected on the creation and expansion of new business of the bikes segment in São Paulo. It is the case of services such as deliveries made by cyclists, valet itself, specialized mechanics and production of saddlebags (bags and backpacks adapted for bicycles).

Those looking for an alternative way to deliver parcels and documents in an environmentally friendly way can choose to hire the bike delivery service. This is the case of Ecolivery Courrieros, which has 26 cyclists to attend the city.

According to Victor Castello Branco, 25, one of the company’s partners, the ecological concept and the competitive price (the service costs between R $ 17 and R $ 40, depending on the route) have helped the business to grow. However, the entrepreneur agrees that the increase in the visibility of the modal is also one of the factors that contributes to the increase in the number of deliveries.

– Although we use only 2% of cycle lengths during deliveries, the prioritization of bikes has helped to highlight our work. In 2012, we had four riders on the staff. We will close this year with 26. The trend is that by the end of 2015 this number will double.

Branco explains that the little use of cycle paths is due to the wide coverage of the city and that even the initiative is important, it is still not enough to maintain the safety of cyclists.

“We need drivers to be aware. There are still a lot of traffic closed and a lack of education in general, but even so, we who work with the bicycle all the time noticed that traffic education has improved a lot.

To help urban cyclists solve the mechanical problems of bicycles, the Las Magrelas bar / workshop in Pinheiros (west) offers services ranging from tire replacement to general overhauls. In addition, the venue also offers a menu prepared by a guest chef.

Created in February of 2013, the bar / workshop, formulated by clicloativistas, has the working hours that house with the time of the cyclist of the city, who works and studies.One of the partners, the businesswoman Talita Oliveira Noguchi, explains that it is important that the place promote the use of the bicycle through a service that supports cyclists.

– From noon to 10pm, we offer the mechanics service. From 4 pm, it is also possible to have a beer and eat a different dish. These are the times that people need to be met without compromising the routine of work and studies.

Another service that came about with increased use of the bicycle was the specialized valet. Ciclomidia, a “darling” company of bars and restaurants in São Paulo when it comes to hiring the paracycles installation service, besides having noticed an average increase of 10% per year in requests, since 2011, also offers as a differential parking for Meet the cyclists at events.

The businessman Eduardo Grigoletto, 41, says that the company is hired by event organizers to safely accommodate the skinny of the guests.

– It’s a mobile structure that we take anywhere. At the place, cyclists stop the bike with the certainty that it is there when they return.

Bike bag

It is with the feeling of gratitude that the businesswoman Priscila Moreno, 32, talks about the bike in her life. Especially because the bike has become, besides a daily practice, the sustenance of his family. Priscila owns the brand Alforjaria, which makes saddlebags (bags adapted for bicycles) unique in an artisan way.

Priscilla says that the first model was made to satisfy the personal need, but was always questioned by other cyclists about where she had bought the piece.

“That’s when I decided to make and sell the saddlebags.” I officialized the company in 2011 and since then I have lost the accounts of accounts pieces I have done.

Each saddle bag is made manually and costs between $ 80, a small bag of handlebars, up to $ 359.90, a large and waterproof saddlebag.

Priscila confesses that her billing has increased in recent months with the publicity around the bike, but for her, the most important is the improvement in the feeling of safety when cycling through the capital.

– When I left the bike a few years ago people would tell me: go pedaling in the park! Are you thinking you’re in Europe? I would answer: Copenhagen is here! But I never imagined that I would see bike paths scattered around the city so soon. I am also encouraged by the number of women who have become bicycle enthusiasts.