Cross Fit-Know the Right Accessories to Practice this Mode

The cross fit is a modality that can cause many accidents if there is no physical preparation and standardization for this.  Due to the high frequency and density, the crossfit can be the fruit of many positive results if you follow all the necessary precautions. Here’s how to dress properly to enjoy your workout.


The favorite regattas of the professionals of cross fit are sleeveless sweaters with very thin straps. Without the excess tissue, the body temperature becomes more pleasant besides not accumulating marks of sweat in the armpits.


The top with swimmer modeling and with “cross” backs maintains the support of the breasts, besides not interfere in the training during the movement.

Short / Legging

High compression legging causes the tissue to partially protect the body from the inevitable friction while you are conditioning the body. Since the shorts can not be extremely fair not to curl and also of high waist, to leave the woman completely safe.

Big sock

Medium models should be composed of thick weave and rubber protection, located in the calf and cinnamon. Cushioning on fingers and heel.


Unlike footwear for bodybuilding, cross fit sneakers do not need a lot of cushioning, only a fit is needed, for the foot to stay inside the sole and maintain a structure capable of antitortion.

Hand protector

To protect the hand the leather grips are the most indicated, they prevent that the sweat obstructs the performance of the organism, also minimizing the possibility of appearing the bubbles that appear when having friction with the skin.

No matter how careful it is, Cross Fit is worth every effort to be practiced. Since in addition to burning calories, this modality also guarantees to define certain areas of the body that need to improve the resistance and definition of muscles.