Business Schools in Africa

Business Schools in Africa

There are a total of 98 business schools in the continent of Africa. See below for name of business school and the country located. To see more countries in Africa, please see

# School Country
1 Accra Business School Ghana
2 Africa Nazarene University Kenya
3 African Business School (ABS), Abuja Nigeria
4 African Graduate School of Management and Leadership, Kanda, Accra Ghana
5 Avicenne Private Business School, Tunis Tunisia
6 Beeches Graduate School of Business, Lagos Nigeria
7 Bowell Business School, Lagos & Akure Nigeria
8 Business School Netherlands, Lagos Nigeria Nigeria
9 Business School of Africa Tanzania
10 Catholic University Institute of Buea Cameroon
11 Central University College, Accra Ghana
12 Chuka University Kenya
13 College of Business Education Tanzania
14 Dangote Business School, Bayero University, Kano Nigeria
15 Daystar University Kenya
16 Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Kenya
17 East & Southern African Management Institute Tanzania
18 Egerton University Kenya
19 ESUTH Business School, Lagos Nigeria
20 Fate Foundation, Lagos Nigeria
21 Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Accra Ghana
22 GPE Business School, Enugu Nigeria
23 Great Lakes University of Kisumu Kenya
24 Harold Pupkewitz Graduate School of Business, Windhoek Namibia
25 Higher Institute of Professional Studies (HIPS) – Buea Cameroon
26 Institut des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, Carthage Tunisia
27 Institut des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, Sousse Tunisia
28 Integrated Business School (IBS), Kaduna Nigeria
29 Iringa University Tanzania
30 ISCEE Cape Verde Business School (ISCEE), Praia/Mindelo Cape Verde
31 Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology Kenya
32 Kabarak University Kenya
33 Kaduna Business School, Kaduna Nigeria
34 Karatina University Kenya
35 KCA University Kenya
36 Kenya Methodist University Kenya
37 Kenyatta University Kenya
38 Kenyatta University – Machakos University College Kenya
39 Kibabii University Kenya
40 Kigali Institute of Science and Technology Rwanda
41 Kisii University Kenya
42 KNUST School of Business, Kumasi Ghana
43 Laikipia University Kenya
44 Maasai Mara University Kenya
45 Management Institute of Algiers (IMAA) Algeria
46 Maseno University Kenya
47 Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology Kenya
48 Mediterranean School of Business, Tunis Tunisia
49 Meru University of Science and Technology Kenya
50 Moi University Kenya
51 Moi University – Rongo University College Kenya
52 Mount Kenya University Kenya
53 MSME Business School, Abuja & Owerri Nigeria
54 Mwenge Catholic University Tanzania
55 Mzumbe University Tanzania
56 Namibia Business School, at the University of Namibia, Windhoek Namibia
57 Nobel International Business School, Accra Ghana
58 Obafemi Awolowo University Business School, Ife Nigeria
59 Pan-African University, Lagos – Lagos Business School (LBS), Lagos Nigeria
60 Poma International Business Academy (PIBA), Lagos Nigeria
61 Presbyterian University of East Africa Kenya
62 Pwani University Kenya
63 Scott Theological College Kenya
64 South Eastern Kenya University Kenya
65 St Paul’s University Kenya
66 Strathmore University Kenya
67 Sunyani Polytechnic School of Management, Sunyani Ghana
68 Tanzania Business School (TBS), Morogoro Tanzania
69 The Catholic University of Eastern Africa Kenya
70 The Delta Business School, Warri Nigeria
71 The Pan Africa Christian University Kenya
72 The Technical University of Kenya Kenya
73 Tunis Business School, El Mourouj, Ben Arous Governorate Tunisia
74 UDSM Business School, Dar es Salaam Tanzania
75 Unicaribbean Business School Nigeria Nigeria
76 United States International University Kenya
77 Université Tunis Carthage , Soukra Tunisia
78 University of Bamenda Cameroon
79 University of Buea (public) Cameroon
80 University of Cape Coast School of Business, Cape Coast Ghana
81 University of Dodoma Tanzania
82 University of Doula (public) Cameroon
83 University of Dschang Cameroon
84 University of Eastern Africa, Baraton Kenya
85 University of Eldoret Kenya
86 University of Ghana Business School, Accra Ghana
87 University of Ilorin Business School, Ilorin Nigeria
88 University of Kabianga Kenya
89 University of Lagos Business School, Lagos Nigeria
90 University of Nairobi Kenya
91 University of Nairobi – Embu University College Kenya
92 University of Professional Studies, Accra – U.P.S.A, Legon Ghana
93 Unizik Business School, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka Nigeria
94 Valley View University, Oyibi, Accra Ghana
95 Warri Business School (WBS), Warri Nigeria
96 West Africa Business School (WABS) Lagos; Accra, Ghana Nigeria
97 Yaounde Business School, Yaounde Cameroon
98 Zenith University College, School of Business, Labadi, Trade Fair-Accra Ghana

Africa Overview

Do you know the countries of Africa ? The African continent is one of the most numerous in terms of the number of nations. And it doesn’t stop there, together the countries of Africa make this continent the second most populous in the world, with more than 1 billion inhabitants. The peoples that inhabit the territory of these countries, an area of ​​more than 30 million square kilometers, have an enormous cultural, ethnic and religious variety.

Diversity is not only social. Politically and economically, African countries go from one extreme to the other. There are countries with great wealth, with a growing economy, while others have, in addition to economic problems, low levels of human development. In the ranking of the World Human Development Index (socioeconomic indicator), in the last positions are many African countries.

How many countries are in Africa?

Altogether there are 54 African countries that are distributed in five regions, which divide the African continent according to similar characteristics, whether these are geographic, political, economic or social. In addition, there are some unrecognized territories.

As is the case with Somaliland, which became independent from the United Kingdom in 1960, later merging with Italian Somaliland and forming Somalia. In 1991, this territory declared independence from Somalia and currently demands recognition.

Island countries are independent territories that do not have land borders and are therefore formed by one or more islands. On the African continent, there are six island countries. They are: Cape Verde Islands, Comoros Island, Madagascar Islands, Republic of Mauritius, São Tomé and Príncipe Islands and Seychelles Islands.

List of countries in Africa

  1. South Africa

Capital: Cape Town

Gross Domestic Product : US $ 370.8 billion

HDI: 0.699

  1. Angola

Capital: Luanda

GDP: $ 131.4 billion

HDI: 0.581

  1. Algeria

Capital: Algiers

GDP: US $ 227.8 billion

HDI: 0.754

  1. Benin

Capital: Porto-Novo

GDP: $ 27.546 billion

HDI: 0.515

  1. Botswana

Capital: Gaborone

GDP: $ 15.564 billion

HDI: 0.717

  1. Burkina Faso

Capital: Ouagadougou

GDP: US $ 16.561 billion

HDI: 0.423

  1. Burundi

Capital: Gitega

GDP: $ 7.985 billion

HDI: 0.417

  1. Cameroon

Capital: Yaoundé

GDP: $ 40.010 billion

HDI: 0.556

  1. Chad

Capital: Jamena

GDP: $ 15.950 billion

HDI: 0.404

  1. Costa do Marfim

Capital: Yamoussoukro

GDP: $ 33.963 billion

HDI: 0.492

  1. Djibouti

Capital: Djibouti

GDP: US $ 1.878 billion

HDI: 0.476

  1. Egypt

Capital: Cairo

GDP: $ 284.860 billion

HDI: 0.696

  1. Eritrea

Capital: Asmara

GDP: US $ 3.743 billion

HDI: 0.440

  1. Ethiopia

Capital: Addis Ababa

GDP: $ 90.968 billion

HDI: 0.463

  1. Gabon

Capital: Libreville

GDP: $ 20.178 billion

HDI: 0.702

  1. Gambia

Capital: Banjul

GDP: US $ 3.582 billion

HDI: 0.460

  1. Ghana

Capital: Accra

GDP: $ 83.740 billion

HDI: 0.592

  1. Guinea

Capital: Conakry

GDP: $ 9.741 billion

HDI: 0.459

  1. Guinea Bissau

Capital: Bissau

GDP: US $ 1.040 billion

HDI: 0.455

  1. Equatorial Guinea

Capital: Malabo

GDP: $ 15.537 billion

HDI: 0.591

  1. Madagascar Islands

Capital: Antananarivo

GDP: $ 11.188 billion

HDI: 0.519

  1. Cape Verde Islands

Capital: Praia

GDP: US $ 2.071 billion

HDI: 0.654

  1. Comoros Islands

Capital: Moroni

GDP: US $ 1.262 billion

HDI: 0.503

  1. Sao Tome and Principe Islands

Capital: Sao Tome

GDP: US $ 362 million

HDI: 0.589

  1. Seychelles Islands

Capital: Victoria

GDP: $ 1.486 billion

HDI: 0.797

  1. Lesotho

Capital: Maseru

GDP: $ 5.106 billion

HDI: 0.520

  1. Liberia

Capital: Monrovia

GDP: US $ 2.9 billion

HDI: 0.435

  1. Libya

Capital: Tripoli

GDP: $ 49.341 billion

HDI: 0.706

  1. Malawi

Capital: Lilongwe

GDP: $ 22.658 billion

HDI: 0.476

  1. Mali

Capital: Bamako

GDP: US $ 14.180 billion

HDI: 0.427

  1. Morocco

Capital: Rabat

GDP: $ 103.824 billion

HDI: 0.667

  1. Mauritania

Capital: Nuaquexote

GDP: US $ 5.025 billion

HDI: 0.520

  1. Mozambique

Capital: Maputo

GDP: $ 16.681 billion

HDI: 0.437

  1. Namibia

Capital: Windhoek

GDP: $ 13.703 billion

HDI: 0.647

  1. Niger

Capital: Niamei

GDP: $ 8.290 billion

HDI: 0.354

  1. Nigeria

Capital: Abuja

GDP: $ 447.013 billion

HDI: 0.532

  1. Kenya

Capital: Nairobi

GDP: $ 62.72 billion

HDI: 0.590

  1. Central African Republic

Capital: Bangui

GDP: US $ 1.949 billion

HDI: 0.367

  1. Democratic Republic of Congo

Capital: Kinshasa

GDP: $ 29.896 billion

HDI: 0.457

  1. Congo Republic

Capital: Brazavile

GDP: US $ 34.054 billion

HDI: 0.606

  1. Mauritius

Capital: Port Louis

GDP: $ 16 billion

HDI: 0.790

  1. Rwanda

Capital: Kigali

GDP: $ 24.717 billion

HDI: 0.524

  1. Senegal

Capital: Dakar

GDP: $ 20.610 billion

HDI: 0.505

  1. Sierra Leone

Capital: Freetown

GDP: US $ 4.882 billion

HDI: 0.419

  1. Somalia

Capital: Mogadishu

GDP: $ 7.599 billion

HDI: 0.364

  1. Essuatini

Capital: Mbabane

GDP: US $ 5.626 billion

HDI: 0.588

  1. Sudan

Capital: Khartoum

GDP: $ 152.264 billion

HDI: 0.538

  1. Southern Sudan

Capital: Juba

GDP: $ 11.893 billion

HDI: 0.388

  1. Tanzania

Capital: Dodoma

GDP: $ 176.465 billion

HDI: 0.538

  1. Togo

Capital: Lomé

GDP: $ 14.919 billion

HDI: 0.503

  1. Tunisia

Capital: Tunis

GDP: $ 115.373 billion

HDI: 0.735

  1. Uganda

Capital: Kampala

GDP: $ 66.650 billion

HDI: 0.516

  1. Zambia

Capital: Lusaka

GDP: $ 13.025 billion

HDI: 0.588

  1. Zimbabwe

Capital: Harare

GDP: $ 17.85 billion

HDI: 0.535

Regions of Africa

Africa is a continent of great territorial extensions, a total of 30,221,532 square kilometers. In order to facilitate the study of areas as well as their similarities and differences, both territorial, economic, political and social, the continent was divided, in one of its best known classifications, into five major regions:

Northern Africa Located north of the continent and close to the Mediterranean Sea, it is also known as North Africa. It groups country territories, such as: Algeria, Sudan, Morocco, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.
Southern Africa Located in the south of the continent, between the Indian oceans, to the east, and the Atlantic oceans, to the west, it is also known as Southern Africa. It groups the countries’ territories: South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.
Central Africa Located in the center of the continent, it groups territories from several countries, such as: Chad, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Angola, Cameroon and Democratic Republic of Congo.
East Africa Located in the eastern part of the continent, between the Indian Ocean and the Congo River Basin, it groups together territories of countries, such as Somalia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mozambique, Eritrea and others.
Western Africa Located in the western part of the continent, between the Gulf of Guinea and the Sahara desert. It groups together territories of countries, such as Mauritania, Ghana, Niger, Senegal, Cape Verde Island, Guinea, Sierra Leone, among others.
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