Browsing on Android Are Fatter with These Three Apps [Tip]

If you are a dedicated net-surfing the search giant remains undisturbed Android devices, then you should maybe checking these three apps out.

Smartphones and tablets have long ago taken over our daily Web search, since most are not orcs start up of the old, dusty stationary at the Office, when there just quickly to Google for some small items.

Most have probably also routines and favored the browsers for the purpose, but are you Android user, and yet fresh to try something new, so has our site found a few apps that can contribute to a better browser experience. 
Link Bubble
Link Bubble app for Android is a final goodbye to blank Web pages that appear when you click on links, and waiting for the entire page is downloaded. The app lets you be in the app while Web pages are downloaded in the background. Only when the content is ready, the page will come up.

Link Bubble also works in other apps on your Android. As Chris Lacy, who is the developer behind the shows, so will a Twitter link to the way the browser often Instagram on the cell phone. With Link Bubble is now not necessary. Link Bubble is available in a free version, which you can use one app at a time, and one link at a time. Do you want the full experience then you must get rid 24.99 DKK for Pro version.

Jawelin is a sleek Android browser to smartphone users with a clear attitude towards design and nerdy navigation buttons. The browser works by “swipes”, and also gives clear tips at the beginning, so you can quickly get learned control, there is significantly different than in other browsers.

Javelin browser offers also on a workable “Reader” feature, which generates articles in a snap, so you will not be disturbed by web advertising and lignenende. Javelin Browser is free and is available for download in Google Play here.


We have previously mentioned Pocket application that keeps track of your news. If you are regular surfer of waves, and the network would like to save articles for later offline reading, and then Pocket the app an absolute must-have.

From Pocket app you can tag, delete, prefer rarely, delete and share saved articles. There is also a good customization options directly in the app to brightness, light modes and font sizes. You have not not tested Pocket, so we will definitely recommend you to download it for free from Google Play here.