Bosch Launches Intelligent Control Dome Series

Bosch Security Systems introduces the AutoDome 7000 family of PTZ cameras with intelligent features.

The AutoDome 7000 outperforms other mobile cameras by providing customers with a powerful, automated monitoring system, ensuring security risks.

Incorporated with Bosch Intelligent Video Analytics software (IVA), cameras in this series automatically process video signals and operator alerts in situations of security risks.The AutoDome PTZ camera can analyze up to 10 different scenes, among other parameters.They are customizable to meet the specific needs of each customer.IVA allows the detection of threats earlier and greater security in general.

The AutoDome 7000 displays sharper images and more accurate color reproduction.Images from low-light environments are more detailed.The standard definition IP camera offers 28x or 36x zoom and the HD camera has a resolution of 1080p, 30 frames per second (IPS) and 20x zoom.The HD camera at DeluxeSurveillance  also supports high speed 720p resolution at 60 IPS to capture details of fast moving objects in traffic and surveillance of cities, stadiums, toll plazas, gas stations and similar applications.

The AutoDome 7000 is simple to use and install.It comes with five pre-configured settings to better capture images in common applications and 256 preset positions for viewing critical monitoring areas at the touch of a button.It also comes with a fiber optic kit that has a unique media converter module installed directly in the power box.