Boost your career with a part-time MBA

Boost your career with a part-time MBA

If you are interested in a part-time MBA, you can not only advance your individual career, but also expand the professional network with diverse contacts.

What speaks for the part-time MBA

To be successful is good. Some find better to be more successful! Those who have a satisfactory full-time job face a problem. After all, you don’t want to give up the job for a full-time MBA. Those who continue to work and continue to earn money but still want to expand their specialist knowledge will benefit greatly from part-time MBA programs. You have no influence on your existing career and your degree will surely leave your employer with more than just a good impression.

The preference for part-time study programs is usually clearer the higher the career level achieved in the job. Over 90 percent of employees who already work in top management prefer to study part-time.

The advantages of a part-time MBA

The advantage here is that the majority of the lessons often take place on the Internet. In addition, there are online courses and learning content that can be processed on the computer. In this way it is possible to be fully professional and still be able to participate in the learning process. An additional plus: on the Internet it doesn’t matter how many students complete a program, so there are of course no restrictions as to the number of participants.

As far as the learning material is concerned, schools with part-time MBA programs take great care to ensure that the scope and level of difficulty is designed for those students who work full-time alongside their studies. A good example of such courses is the Open University (OU), which is very popular in England, followed by Germany as the second largest market for OU programs.

Why the part-time MBA is also interesting for companies

With the still prevailing hype around part-time MBA studies, one should not forget that the employers are also not uninvolved. They like to advertise this type of academic further education, after all, the employees stay with them in their company and at the same time they benefit from the added educational value of the employees. For this reason, they also share the tuition costs in many cases – so it is definitely worth asking!

Interesting facts about MBA distance learning

If you want to start an MBA distance learning course and obtain the final MBA of the same name, you should have a lot of self-discipline and a corresponding level of organizational talent. The contents of an MBA distance learning course are the same as for regular studies directly at the university. Around 50 distance learning courses with MBA degrees are currently offered in German-speaking countries. Some universities cooperate with partner universities in countries such as Great Britain or the United States.

The advantages

You don’t have to change your place of residence or live in the immediate vicinity of a university to study the Master of Business Administration. There are no fixed attendance times and you can divide the study time completely individually and learn in the evening or at the weekend. However, there are certain attendance times that can be inquired about at the respective college or university before starting the course. At these times you have to appear in person at a branch or directly at the chosen distance learning school. Distance learning is in any case ideal for all those who work full-time. Graduates of an MBA distance learning course are often preferred for applications because they have chosen this course voluntarily and financed it themselves.

The disadvantages

You need a lot of eagerness to learn, because the teaching material to be mastered is usually very extensive. The contents have to be worked out by yourself and the exam preparation is completely self-directed. There are no fellow students or professors with whom you can now exchange information about the subjects and their contents. Those who are not goal-oriented and disciplined run the risk of dropping out of college, the rate of which is around 30 percent. A bright spot in terms of the lack of interaction are various online campus installations, chat rooms or learning platforms, the number of which is constantly increasing.

What are the requirements?

One of the conditions for admission to an MBA distance learning course is a successfully completed course of study and the acquisition of a bachelor’s or diploma title, both of which can also be achieved through distance learning. In addition, you should have between 2 and 5 years of professional experience, the required period varies depending on the university and specialization.

For the duration of an MBA distance learning

This depends on many factors such as the chosen university and also depends on the discipline of the student. As a rule, the study duration is 18 to about 30 months.

When you have reached the goal

The MBA obtained with distance learning fully corresponds to that obtained through regular studies. A degree may be hard-fought, but it is all the better to reap the fruits of this diligence afterwards. Many graduates work in leading positions in companies in the international economy. This is also evidenced by the fact that the proportion of those students who take a distance learning course is between 20 and sometimes even 50 percent, measured by the number of all MBA students.

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