Bet on Overlapping Dress with a T-Shirt Underneath!

If you have a styling trick that appears in all the current fashion is to use with dress shirt underneath. It’s not exactly new because this type of overlap has always existed in the looks of street style, but this time became a general fever-from the hottest celebrities, walkways and fashionistas-all are using! The most common way to wear a dress with a t-shirt with the famous “slip dress” just to take the man off the model and make it easier to be used on a daily basis.

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The interesting thing is that the trend migrated also to the catwalks of the coming winter, this time, with far more elaborate pieces as fitting up. We have leatherdresses, midi with striped blouse lace underneath, velvet dress wet and even black dress. Note that this “new phase” the idea is to mix prints, volumes and textures to give more grace to visual-the best is that we can now use in middle season!

And when summer comes, put the slip dress for game–along with a lot of dresses in spaghetti straps that have in the wardrobe. Many times, some days it doesn’t do so hot to use a short piece and booby, so the shirt ends up leaving the look more urban and you “heats up” a little more.

Now let’s get to the practical tips from Medicinelearners: this trick only works if your shirt is well molinha, you know?! Or empapuçar all in the middle of the dress and make a belly-thing that nobody wants. Also prefer more open necklines to value more the neck and short sleeves. If the shirt is too street for you, prefer a cotton or silk shirt as did Alexa Chung and storm!

Ready to use with dress shirt?

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