Best Binders for College Students, Padded-Eastpak Backpack

Once the primary is completed, your children finally access the college.But at this point, they will need a good binder to transport easily all of their school supplies. Indeed, the entrance to the college rhymes also with the large amount of business they will have to carry. Between the number of books and different specifications to carry every day, buying a new binder is essential to start l’ school year in beauty.

Even more than at the elementary level, students have a pretty concrete idea about their tastes, their styles and the type of bag of course they would like to buy. The question “what Binder college choose?” thus becomes a real headache for many parents who must juggle desire, need and budget… Here is an article to make your job easier by helping you to choose models of rigid Binder for college, not expensive and very trendy.

The advantages of a binder to go to college

Have a handy Binder and light is important when it comes to go to college.It may just be a simple equipment but do not have a binder that is adapted to the course and to the daily life of a college student can take a toll on his grades and his health (particularly of the problems of growth and back).

In addition, by having a suitable Binder, we’re all just sure to have everything of course itself. In fact, it is also a matter of style for teens. There are several models of satchel and bag of courses at the college, from the 6th up to the 3thall tastes are in nature…

How to choose his school bag for college?

The ability/capacity

Capacity is a factor that must be considered when choosing a backpack for back to school at college.

Indeed, it is always important to opt for a binder which promises storage space suited to business students must carry with them to colleges.

Different types: backpack with wheels

On the one hand, you know that there are different kinds of binder for the college. There is the traditional model and the timelesssatchel backpack college. In general, this model features a main compartment to store all the supplies and accessories essential for students to be able to spend pleasantly their hard days at the school.

The other hand, there are newer and more fashionable models.The schoolbag satchel college or the school bag slung college is the most popular model by middle school students. It is a model that is on the shoulder by means of a strap. This type of binder allows adolescents to have a cool look and more fashion.

Backpack with wheels for the college models are appreciated until class 6th. Once this stage is over, students are no more very attracted this type of binder is a recent model. This is a binder that has been specially manufactured to help students to get rid of the concentration of weight Binder college on the shoulders. But college students are more likely to consider them to be a little childish binders.

The practicality

Here, we are talking of comfort during transport of the binder. This test is the verification of the different components the binder including the convenience offered by the straps. Indeed, it is important that the straps can be resolved based on the morphology of the schoolboy. The binder college size chosen should cause no discomfort to the student movements.

The choice of the materials used for the design of the binder is also an essential criterion for determining its practicality. It is always recommended to focus on the college strong and waterproof binder. In this way, you can be sure that the binder can serve students up to the end of the school year and provide excellent protection to their notebooks and books during the rainy seasons. However, the college leather Binder presents itself as being the best of them all. Otherwise, it is always possible to choose other models.

Besides, there are satchel college of brand models that use other materials fully respecting the standards of manufacturing. You can choose among other things a college eastpak Binder, a college quiksilver satchel, a college roxy Binder, a kipling college backpack, a nike college Binder, a binder college rip curl or a binder freegun college.

Drawings/cartoons heroes

Binders with the cartoon characters are not only reserved for the primary students. Indeed, even at colleges, they may still have their favorite characters. The school bag hello kitty college for example is a model always appreciated by the girls.

Girls can also choose among the models of school bags offered by brands like satchel college girl eastpak, college girl roxy or delsey college girl satchel schoolbag.

The best models of backpack for college

There are many models of cheap binders for college available on the market. It is for this that My luggage cabin has tested products with the best prices for you.

Here are some online college 5 Binder patterns we have chosen for you. Types of binder school college available on who delight no doubt your kids.

For girl:

Little Marcel-Clairefontaine backpack

Satchels college 2-compartment Interior offered by the brand Clairfontaine, is easily on shoulders, thanks to their wide and padded straps. There is also a zippered pocket on the front to accommodate easily the Kit school as well as all the small school material of the schoolboy.

Available in many colors and patterns, the backpack Little Marcel offered by Clairefontaine will seduce students either for a girl or a boy.

Backpack for college-Kipling

Satchels kipling for college are taking advantage of all the expertise of the Kipling brand. Made of nylon, they have a large central pocket for everything for school as well as a pocket in the front for easy to grab business. The central pocket has a zip to expand its capacity.

Its main asset is its ergonomic straps. It is a model of binder for very strong college. The Kipling brand range of backpack has a large selection of colours.

Realm Backpack-Vans backpack

The Vans brand backpacks are entirely designed polyester, for perfect resistance to transport books and books of the schoolgirls. With a capacity of 22 litres, it has one large compartment with zipper, as well as a small pocket in the front to drop off, keys, wallet, card canteen, Kit, etc.

With its nice design, the young ladies will be happy to wear this backpack for school.

Backpack for college-Tann’s

The binders of the Tann’s brand are very light and promise a great ideal comfort throughout the school year for the transport of the Affairs of necks.Made in polyester, this bag of 8 liters to the ideal capacity for all future Middle School.

The proposed by Tann’s range of backpack has a large number of colors and patterns that will satisfy all the young girls and those for all ages.


Backpack for school-Kaxidy

The range of binder for the college proposed by the Kaxidy brand is designed very resistant polyester and features an attractive design. The shoulder straps are fully adjustable and padded for maximum comfort.They have plenty of pockets, including the large central compartment and 3 pockets extra to distribute everything for the college. In addition, the system of zipper are very resistant.

In summary, this backpack is ideal for boys. The range offers a large number of design and pattern to satisfy all students.

Padded-Eastpak backpack

The famous brand Eastpak backpack seduced always youth. Indeed, on the market for years, the range of Padded Binder proposed by Eastpak is always to go College and high school students! This success is due to its know-how and its quality. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

The Eastpak backpack are designed with two compartments: 1 large central compartment as well as a 1 small pocket in the front. It allows easy access to its content through its closure zip. The Interior is fitted with a padded laptop compartment. Its padded straps ensure optimal comfort.

3D-Lalawow school backpack

This college boy cheap bag offers various storage spaces thanks to its convenient pockets. Image of 3D animal pattern gives it a unique and cool design. A resistant Binder made of 1680 d canvas and polyester perfect for boys at the college.

Lalowow brand offers a multitude of patterns and colors to meet all future students.
Old Skool II-Vans backpack

The backpack of the Vans brand are the competing faithful of the Eastpak brand. Indeed, they dominate the market of the binder for school for years.The only reason is linked to their quality but also for their design ultra trendy.

These Vans backpacks are fashionable for college and are dedicated to the boys. Its straps can be adjusted depending on the size of the College. A bag with a large compartment of 22 litres and a zipper. Discover all the models proposed by Vans, there is a package!