Become Your Own Car Mechanic with a Smartphone in Hand [Tip]

With a smartphone and a cheap piece of accessories, you can read the car’s State of health.

When the car coughs or warning lights are lights in the dashboard, it is for most equals money out of your pocket and into the mechanics’ box.

You do not have 10 thumbs, and even the courage even to screw a little on your car, you may be able to save money with cool apps to your phone.

Most newer cars use a standard called on-Board Diagnostics system (OBD II) to output error codes from the car.

In Europe using most petrol cars, there are newer than 2001, the system of communication between the car’s electronic system and a computer. The same applies for cars with diesel, which is newer than 2004.

You can even with quite cheap accessories connect to the car’s electronic system, and get exported car’s data and fault codes on your smartphone.

If your car is OBD compatible have a OBD port that looks like an old printer port. With auto accessories companies or via the Internet, you can buy a OBD scanner that plugs into the OBD port in your car and can communicate with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Cheaper is it to find its OBD scanner on the Internet where it can be found at, for example, Amazon or eBay. However, it is important that you select a scanner that fits to your smartphone.

When you have an OBD scanner by hand, you need an app for your phone, which can output the data sent from the car through the scanner.

There are apps for both Android, iPhone and Windows Phone-Here are some examples of OBD-apps:

Android: Torque Lite
iPhone: iOBD2
Windows Phone: OBD Auto Doctor

Once you’ve exported any error codes, you can infer what is wrong with your car, and consider, that it is something that should be done here-and-now of a mechanic, or whether you even want to try their hand with the screwdriver and wrench.

Remember to read the instructions for the various applications in depth, and go only started with the mechanic work, if you are absolutely sure that you do it right.

Since Windows Phone is a relatively new player on the market, it can be difficult to find an OBD scanner that fits, but according to WPCentral, should this Android-compatible device from Amazon operate.