Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia

According to, Atlanta is one of the largest and most important cities and the third most populous city in the United States. It has been considered “the capital of the new South”, “the international city” and “the best place for business”. It is located in the South of the United States, northwest of Georgia and bordered, to the west, by the ChattahoocheeRiver and to the east by Stone Mountain, a rock formation that also houses a park.


In the last century, it was one of the main states that promoted and defended slavery and, until the civil war, it was the most important center in which the military industry of the Confederacy was based. In 1864, in the midst of the Civil War, General William Sherman, a unionist, set the city on fire (a very remembered scene from ‘Gone with the Wind ‘). But its recovery took a few years: today it represents the archetype of the aggressive, urban and industrial New South of the country.

Due to its complete destruction and subsequent resurgence, it is symbolized by the Phoenix, the bird of Greek mythology that was reborn from the ashes. There are two fairly important sculptures of this bird: one on Broad Street, near the First National Bank and the other, on Martin Luther King Drive, next to the Rich’s Department Store. Paradoxically, despite its slave-owning and racist past and being the place where the mythical Ku Klux Klan was founded, it was the birthplace of Martin Luther King, the black leader who defended the civil rights of his race and, today, is one of the North American cities with the largest black population.

In 1996 it hosted the Olympic Games; This managed to increase the prestige and improve the services of the city. Atlanta is divided into three centers: Lenox, Midtown, and Downtown. In Midtown there is a clock that is counting the number of residents who live in the city. There is also one of the few old houses from 1900. This is located between Peachstreet and Peachstreet streets (although it sounds funny, many streets have this name, which means peach tree, a typical tree of the State of Georgia).


According to Abbreviationfinder, Atlanta is located in the South of the United States, northwest of Georgia and bordered, to the west, by the Chattahoochee River and to the east by Stone Mountain, a rock formation that also houses a park. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has an area of ​​343 km², of which 341.2 km² is land and 1.8 km² is water. The total area of ​​water is 0.51%. Located 320 meters above sea level and the airport at 308 meters, Atlanta sits atop the southern ridge of the Chattahoochee River.

This south is also accompanied by one of the most beautiful landscapes in the United States, rivers mixed with impressive vegetation where some important areas where aridity predominates.


The weather is mild for most of the year, although July and August are usually quite hot and humid. From time to time, you see a little snow fall in December and January, but never too much.

Economic development

One of seven American cities classified as Gamma Cities of the World, it is ranked third in the number of fortune with 500 companies headquartered within city limits, behind New York and Houston. Several major national and international companies are headquartered, including three Fortune 100 companies: Coca-Cola Company, Home Depot, and United Package Service in adjacent Sandy Springs. The Mobility Headquarters of AT&T, the largest mobile phone service provider in the United States, can be found a short distance within the perimeter of Georgia State Route 400 on the other hand.

Newell Rubbermaid is one of the newest companies to relocate to the metro area; in October of 2006, he announced plans to move its headquarters to Sandy Springs. Other headquarters for some major companies in Atlanta and around the metro area include Arby, Chick-Fil-A, Earthlink, Equifax, Georgia-Pacific, Oxford Industries, Southern Company, SunTrust Banks, and Cookie House.

Over 75% of the Fortuna 1000 companies have a presence in the Atlanta area, and the region hosts the offices of about 1,250 multinational corporations. Delta Air lines is the city’s third largest metro pattern and area. Delta operates the world’s largest airline hub at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and, together with competent carrier hub AirTran Airways, has helped make Hartsfield-Jackson the world’s busiest airport, in terms of passenger traffic and aircraft operations.

The airport, since its construction in the 1950s, has served as the dominant engine of Atlanta’s economic development. It has an important financial sector. SunTrust Banks, the seventh largest bank by asset holdings in the United States, has its home office on Peachtree Street in downtown. Federal Reserve System has a district headquarters in Atlanta; The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, which oversees much of the Deep South, relocated from downtown to Midtown in 2001.

Wachovia announced plans in August of 2006 to place its new credit card division in Atlanta, and long – term hopes of the port of the city, state and civic leaders having the service of the city as the home of the secretariat of a future Free Trade Area of ​​the Americas.

The auto manufacturing sector in metropolitan Atlanta has suffered setbacks recently, including the planned closure of the General Motors Assembly of the Doraville plant in 2008, and the shutdown of Ford Motor Company’s Atlanta Assembly plant in Hapeville in 2006. Kia, however, has Broken ground in a new assembly plant near West Point, Georgia.

The city is a major cable television programming center. Ted Turner started the Turner Broadcasting System Media Empire in Atlanta, where he purchased an UHF station that eventually became WTBS. Turner established the headquarters of the Cable News Network at the CNN Center, today adjacent to Centennial Olympic Park. As his company grew, his other channels — Cartoon Network, Boomerang, TNT, South Turner, CNN International, CNN En Espanol, CNN Headline News, and CNN Airport Network — centered their operations in Atlanta as well (South Turner has since been sold). The Weather Channel, owned by Signal Communications, has its offices in the nearby suburb of Marietta.

Cox Enterprises, a privately held company controlled by brothers Barbara Cox Anthony and Anne Cox Chambers, has substantial media holdings in and beyond Atlanta. Its Cox Communications division is the nation’s third-largest cable television service provider; the company also publishes about a dozen daily newspapers in the United States, including The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. WSB – Cox’s flagship radio station – was the first station Radio in the South. It is also home to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Adjacent to Emory University, with a staff of nearly 15,000 (including 6,000 contractors and 840 Corps Commission officers) in 170 occupations, including: Engineers, Entomologists, Epidemiologists, Biologists, Physicians, Veterinarians, Behavioral Scientists, Nurses, Medical Technologists, economists, health communicators, toxicologists, chemists, computer scientists, and statisticians.

Atlanta, Georgia

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