Arizona Information

Arizona Information

Arizona received the nickname “Grand Canyon State” because of its unique sight. But that’s not all the state has to offer: there are other grandiose gorges, barren desert valleys, crystal-clear lakes and steep mountain peaks. Endless expanses and fascinating landscapes invite you to all kinds of outdoor activities all year round. The different landscapes offer ideal conditions for hiking, cycling, fishing or playing golf. Leisure seekers will find world-class vacation spots, restful resorts, endless shopping opportunities and plentiful restaurants offering the finest dining. The Grand Canyon State is sun-kissed and blessed with amazing natural wonders. Here you can experience the diversity of history up close.

Every visitor to Arizona should see the Grand Canyon, considered one of the world’s largest and most spectacular natural wonders. The Grand Canyon National Park offers breathtaking panoramic views, dreamy landscapes and the opportunity for a wide variety of activities. More than 25 percent of Arizona’s land area is held by Native American reservations. There are also several ruins of the Pueblo culture.

The metropolis of Phoenix is ​​surrounded by the desert of central Arizona. A variety of experiences await visitors here. The 65 km² South Mountain Park is just 15 minutes outside of downtown. In the largest city park in the USA, the desert has been preserved in its original form, and 82 kilometers of hiking trails also invite you to go mountain biking and horseback riding. The Apache Trail is considered one of the oldest connecting routes in North America, which was already used by the Anasazi. The bumpy paths can be explored on foot or by 4×4.

Location and Size
According to timedictionary, Arizona is located in the Southwest of the United States. The state is bordered by California on the southwest, Nevada on the northwest and Utah on the north. Colorado borders Arizona in the extreme northeast at Four Corners Point. The state of New Mexico is the border to the east, and the border with Mexico runs to the south. Arizona covers an area of ​​295,234 km².

Out of a population of just 6.5 million, almost 1.5 million live in the capital, Phoenix, and 4.2 million people live in the greater Phoenix/Scottsdale area. The largest cities include Tucson (520,000 residents), Mesa (440,000), Glendale (226,000), and Scottsdale (217,000).

Time Most of Arizona, including Grand Canyon National Park, observes Mountain Standard Time (-8 hours ahead of Central European Standard Time) year-round. From March to October, Arizona has the same time as California and Nevada. From November to February, Arizona has the same time as Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.

Getting there
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) is Arizona’s main airport and is located 4 miles southeast of Phoenix. British Airways flies daily direct from London Heathrow. The airport is served by more than 100 cities across the United States.
Tucson International Airport (TUS), located 10 miles south of Tucson, is served by ten airlines offering non-stop flights to 15 cities.

Arizona is known for its hot and dry climate. However, the temperatures are strongly dependent on the altitude: the lower the altitude, the higher the temperatures. In central Arizona, the weather in January is mild with cool breezes, while snow falls abundantly in the north. There are also numerous ski areas here.
In the summer it gets very hot in southern Arizona, in northern and central Arizona it can be significantly cooler and the nights can be very chilly. Heavy rainfall can occur during the summer monsoon season.

Desert climate
Central and southern Arizona, the metro areas, Tucson and Phoenix have a desert climate. The average altitude for the desert climate is 365 meters.

Average temperatures desert climate in Arizona in °C
Month Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max 19 22 24 29 29 39 41 40 37 31 24 19
Min 5 7 9 13 18 23 27 26 23 16 9 6
Average temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona in °C
Month Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max 19 22 25 29 35 40 41 40 38 32 24 19
Min 8 9 12 16 21 26 28 28 25 18 12 7

climate North and north-central Arizona, as well as the Flagstaff and Grand Canyon area, have a predominantly mountain climate. The average altitude for the mountain climate is 2,130 meters.

Average temperatures Mountain climate in Arizona in °C
Month Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max 6 8 10 14 20 26 28 27 23 17 11 7
Min -9 -7 -5 -3 1 5 10 9 6 -1 -6 -8

Arizona Information

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