Apple Inside: Experiences From The Sales Of The New Iphone 6 Crowds of the Apple store

Last Friday, it finally happened: the new iPhone 6 & 6 plus came in the stores, all in the Apple Stores. Wie ahead of course always had been camping for days before the Apple store quite a few hardcore fans and were laughed at for it mostly just nice, also by me. But when I then for 7 mobile at 7 a.m. at the Hamburg Jungfernstieg hit my ridicule faded which then quickly in face of approx. 1000(!!!) People who were already in line. Coming out of the subway I could not even see the extent of the crowds. When I so front asked one of the men in the blue T-Shirt on the front of the line, where I should stand on, he looked at very puzzled me: “Will you come spontaneously?” – “Yes.” – “Then you back for you”. At the back was next in this case almost an entire block.

Once in line for iPhone 6, you no longer comes out

Nevertheless, I was still not demotivated, I also had a job, Yes: more new iPhones for our customers (you) get. So I was joined by me comfortably to the Apple fanatics in the snake. Should be also no problem – enough iPhones were delivered according to Apple and I was equipped with water. I considered that but relatively quickly otherwise, after I heard that somebody was pointed out by the folders, that he could not return to his friends if he leaves the snake labyrinth shut-off, as this had to go to the toilet–he could be so happy to back. It was a new kind of Apple Darwinism: with the biggest bubble WINS. I decided only in an extreme emergency to my 1.5l to access water, which at the same time opened a new dilemma: how long can I wear the heavy bag? And so I waited. And waited. And waited. To 8.00, the Apple store was finally opened and there was little movement in the snake: camping chairs, blankets, were hastily aufgeklaubt them then 2 meters to rebuild bags and other accessories, when the snake came to a halt. This stand-on-male game was quite entertaining for a while, but was also eventually get bored and increasingly exhausting.

Food as a marketing strategy

Then, to about 8.25, a very stressed Genius announced that there were no iPhone 6 plus more. So much so for sufficient supplies. Well, so keep waiting. In the meantime, then the Sun had risen properly and it was warm and then that most were dressed rather thick, as they cool in the Hamburger has been serviced’s hot – stupid only night hatten(wie ich von den Ordnern erfuhr, waren diesse bereits seit 2.00 indem Einsatz). Also stupid that you so tend to be rather should not drink, toilet was currently not an option. Times apart from the fact that some had also no drinks – by Apple, water was not even made available. Remedy came to help from Vodafone and mobilcom-debitel, which could make promo then undisturbed in the form of care packages, and in the case of Vodafone’s with a mobile coffee station.Unfortunately, but these only with a maximum of 25% of the waiting arrived.

Involuntarily to the Instagram star

While I was so working on my summer Tan, the snake moved always slower progress. People who pass came on the way to work on us, were either confused and asked why we all were (“there something free?”), to grin then contempt and pity, or photographed, or filmed the spectacle. Probably to ála’s on the major platforms “Look, all the spiders” to post. Ironically did most but with iPhones. I was never so often photographed by so many different people. A very nice older gentleman offered me to come back again later with lunch for me – “as long as I probably not here am Sindhu,” was my naive response. Would have I even accepted the offer.

Hardly any good reasons to take it all

From the surrounding conversations I learned in the meantime what people so here trieb-“I do that every year”, “because I love my girlfriend and she’s one”, “online delivery me too long” and “na, to resell it, you”.Speaking of resell: after the first hour of sales, and gradually more and more freshly baked iPhone circulated 6 owners through the mass of even iPhone-less new-earned treasures for sale to the highest bidder.

Waiting in the heat

FastForward two hours later: it is now 11:00, I was still in the first block of the Snake (jaa, it had to be divided, so that ordinary citizens could still reach the surrounding shops), ran around a hectic Apple employees to us to announce that they now only have iPhone 6 in 16 GB Spacegrey had, everything else would be sold out. But it would be likely for us. The model seemed the Apple disciples but don’t care to be-mainly iPhone. It was so stand in line. Slowly but surely it went to the lunch and we had 23° in the shadow of the now – unfortunately we stood in the blazing sun. And it went not centimetres. Within the Queen Excluder, guarded by the folders in black outfits with yellow light vest, I felt more and more like in jail: neither before nor back, neither in nor out – and all for a phone.

Five hours and all free: Apple has enough iPhones

Actually, no one was surprised when to 12.15 was that all iPhones would be sold out and you could order it but online (delivery time of four weeks) or maybe in the next few days should look past given by, yes new would be delivered. Well, thanks. Many of the waiting fans seemed not quite to want to admit that and stopped time. Others said it would be not so bad, main thing here. No.

Completely exhausted and annoyed it was so back in the Office. Actually, I wanted to write this blog post on Friday and post, but thanks to almost 5.5 hours standing, dehydration and Sun I had migraines so bad that I could form a reasonable rate. I no longer really got up to Saturday and so home.
Of course it could have been worse everything and no, I am not a war victim and relatively not particularly had to suffer or similar, nevertheless says that Apple is a service – zero number. This experience proves once again that it primarily comes not to sell good hardware customers, but to raise premium through an artificially created shortage on the one hand by rarity and on the other hand a hype around a really not very advanced product. A very cheap marketing ploy. Also in the meantime, I was wondering whether Apple paid the camper, so consciously to cheer on the conversation to the phenomenon of Apple.

Conclusion: Who is hot on the next iPhone is it should be early online pre-order and save yourself this circus.