Announced oppo N3 – Phablet With Swivel Camera [Rumor 17.09.14]

Oppo brought a genuine surprise hit on the market last year with its N1. The first Smartphone with a swiveling camera. Now, the successor of oppo N3 is announced. First pictures are already shown up.
The Oppo N1 appeared last year and formed a stark contrast to the remaining Smartphonemarkt. There, the sheer size of the device would be first of all. In addition to previously unseen goods the mobile camera and direct integration of the CynagonMod in the operating system. Now there will be a successor named N3, which had now officially confirmed the manufacturer of oppo.

Design and the camera

The oppo N1 was already very futuristic with its rotatable camera. But oppo puts on it again a fun, if you can believe the images by GSM arena.
The main focus on the swiveling camera will be like with the predecessor, which combines the functions of the front and main camera. They had a theoretical radius of photo of 206 degrees at least at the N1.Advantage of this is the improved quality of included self-portraits as usual devices the front cameras have mostly strong deficits.

Unexplained details to display and specifications

The oppo N3 acts on the gel files image very flat, even apart from the camera. For this, the tilting mechanism of the camera claimed a lot of space, so that the device is rather reminiscent of a kind of hinge of an old folding phones. How big will be the entire device, can be difficult to assess. It is however assumed that also the oppo N3 will get a stately size since the previous model had a display diagonal of rich 5.9 inches. Also interesting is the question whether also like at the N1 again the touchpad back is integrated, which allows operation via the rear panel of the unit. All other specifications are still unknown.

In October, the manufacturer of oppo would like to introduce his unit in Singapore. Afterwards, we will know whether the picture is the right design and which specifications have the oppo N3. Also the question about the price and release date should be then hopefully clarified.