Android Silver Support Program Premium That Google Has in Mind for Users Android

Google could be finally thinking in a premium support program for its users, under the name of Android Silver. It have some alleged leaks that bring us the guys at Android Police, where would go into game retailers, operators and manufacturers.

This program would have up to five devices that would be offered for sale simultaneously, which the user would benefit even before purchasing a phone with Android and that it begins at a critical point: the selection.

Android Silver, Google also wants to make its (potential) users feel safe

And it is that this program would select the best Android phones, “containing the latest version of Android without or with very limited customizations”. You sound already makes that certification Nexus, which we talked about year and a half, as a response to the Windows Phone?

This program Silver would take an agreement by which operators would have its stores small counters, which would teach five turn devices associated. Would they commit themselves to have, in addition, a minimum of accessories and phones previously set.

The operators would have the task as well as configure the devices to the consumer, helping to migrate your data from other platforms, pledging also to carry out the process in no more than five minutes. Google would add a “nothing-slips-through-the-cracks” guarantee (Nothing slips through the cracks), making the migration of user data.

Added a ‘Never Lost’ (never lost) service, in which Google would integrate features like see those us in the current Google Device Manager, as well as maintain a backup of your information or show you the remaining battery of your phone.

The latest addition is similar to Mayday button that Amazon incorporated in its latest Kindle Fire. Technical assistance 24 hours a day, with direct connection to a technician that would help us with difficulties with our phone.

Since Android Police they already stresses that this information is reliable as filtration, are own brands that tend to throw the brakes on all kinds of projects and initiatives. And although became a reality in the short term, I much fear that Google desembarcaría this program with major United States carriers for who knows how much. What do you think?