Android Jelly Bean 4.1 Comes Informally to The HTC One X Thanks to The Community

HTC promised that it would update its X One Jelly Bean, while this version is beginning to serve by OTA, as some people have done it and are distributing it in the community. This is the case of HTC One MaXimus, a ROM with the latest Android and Sense 4.1 software layer.

Based on the official version, which will begin to be distributed soon, have a ROM with a few changes to improve performance while maintaining the original style of Sense. For users who have already tried what commented the performance is quite good.

Still not all the way is rose since there are two drawbacks: on the one hand being a ROM unofficial will have to do root previously to flashearla. It is not an easy process, but we know in advance that the manufacturers then do not cover the terminals if they are under warranty.

On the other hand we have the turn to other versions. When we update this version we will not return to Ice Cream Sandwich. Can flashing other ROMs based Jelly Bean but not those based on version 4.0 of Android.

In principle it is compatible with all handsets, but there are exceptions. If our HTC One X has the following CID, we can check it out with this application, you can Flash the ROM without any problems:

  • cidnum: HTC__001
  • cidnum: HTC__E11
  • cidnum: HTC__203
  • cidnum: HTC__102
  • cidnum: HTC__405
  • cidnum: HTC__Y13
  • cidnum: HTC__A07
  • cidnum: HTC__304
  • cidnum: HTC__M27
  • cidnum: HTC__032
  • cidnum: HTC__016
  • cidnum: HTC__J15