And If The Galaxy SIII Wasn’t The GT-i9300 We’Re Seeing?

We carry a few days which is a non-stop with the next Galaxy SIII. Almost every day, data, pictures or even videos of the new so-called appear terminal flag of Samsung, dubbed GT-i9300.

After seeing dozens of rumors of the Next Galaxy, where apparently no filtration fits with the previous one, we can start us to ask the following questions: and if this the terminal which were not so much we crave? And if Samsung had in the oven over one terminal file?

And it is that since yesterday saw at Amazon Germany the aforementioned Galaxy SIII, sniffing a bit by the network you can find all sorts of things, such as the reference to the same low an unknown tag GT-i9500, or the Wi-Fi certification of an unknown also GT-i9800

A SIII Galaxy, or multiple versions of the same

If we follow a little track that Galaxy SIII in the German Amazon, we can see an infinite number of original accessories from Samsung, completely on sale, showing their compatibility with a GT-i9500 SIII Galaxy. Something similar happens in Amazon United Kingdom, in which we can even buy protective covers from a few euros, while the design still not a pesar de que el diseno todavia no este is clear, despite the contradictory as that may seem.

That perhaps is a tool of self-congratulation of private sellers? Yes, but the use of the term i9500 is quite widespread. Not so with the i9300 you have been listening to a few days, which we have already seen images and videos, and alleged images can be find in by picasa galleries.

This terminal, which it had leaked running Tizen (an Open Source Linux-based and backed by Samsung project) on one occasion, leaves us with the possibility even of that Galaxy SIII not come on Android, or that there is variants of the same on other operating systems.

On the other hand, a few minutes ago and from SamMobile, have just shed light on an unknown GT-i9800 WiFi certification, which we had heard nothing about it until now, which opens the range of possibilities to three models the GT-i9300, GT-i9500 and GT-i9800 with the opportunity to be the “ Galaxy SIII ” or that, as it has already been dropped there, this Samsung a vitamin-enriched Galaxy SII, and another based on the successor of this model.

This is why at the moment there is only one thing clear, view the incoherence of this sonadisimo Galaxy SIII leaks, and is that Samsung is doing it pretty well, not leaving to settle any of the possibilities that now on the table. For now we can only wait 12 days and see that us acidic in the event The Next Galaxy in London, 3 may. What do you of this Galaxy SIII expect?