Analysis: Playstation 2.0 Stereo Headset

The PlayStation 2.0 Stereo Headset Headphones are the result of long experience of Sony audio level high-fidelity, especially in video games. Earphones are capable of surround effect up to 7.1, and with an autonomy of envy to competition. Furthermore, are compatible with the best selling console, the PlayStation 4 and also with PS3, Vita, PC, Mac and all other devices. Curious?

The Stereo Headset cost at the time of this analysis, €95. Something that at first glance may seem expensive but, taking account of all its features and build quality, it’s a good investment for those who like to have excellent experiences with the games. For sure, you will not be sorry.

When I removed the box I was surprised with your weight and structure. Are not very flexible and initially seemed to have been made with cheap plastic. However, over time the used, proved to be quite sturdy and very comfortable. For those who wear glasses, make any pressure on the stems, but not hurt.

Here at, these Stereo Headset work with the PS4 and PS3 via a USB dongle (transmitter/receiver, USBtype) which is in charge of wireless communication between devices at It has a range of 10 metres and uses Bluetooth technology. But, if so, I wonder why not use the internal link both consoles? In the case of the PS4, the dongle connected breaks the design lines of the console. It might be a “picuinhice” my, but I believe many of you will agree with me. On the other hand, also holds one of only two USB ports. If you have to load a command, for example, are soon without additional ports to any other connection you need.

However, being a dongle Setup is direct, i.e. plug & play. Just plug it in to the console, put the headphones in ON and are working without any difficulty or more settings. When you don’t want to use anymore, the sound goes to your tv so pressing OFF. Fast and effective.
For Vita, as there is no USB port, the headphones have a plug Jack 3, 5 mm of lead to connect a cable directly to the console. With this cable you can also connect to any device, including switching the Headset on own Dualshock 4 in PS4. In this configuration with cable Jack, however, will only get stereo sound and not the Surround. With this cable, you don’t use the internal battery as this serves. Since we’re talking about battery, autonomy comes to 8 hours of continuous use and loads in less than 3 hours. Better yet, is the fact that we can use the headphones while they carry.

The Volume, mute and all other basic functions are made directly on the headphones and when pressed, there is an indication on the screen of the console. However, if you connect to a PC or Mac, which is also compatible with the dongle, do not have this digital display, and many fewer virtual 7.1 surround sound, using only the stereo.

The microphone built into the left headphone, can be turned on and off with a simple press of a button, but your quality leaves something to be desired. It is not mounted on a stem as the vast majority of headphones for gaming, but laterally embedded in the handset itself. That is, away from your mouth and turned to the side. The sound of our voice is low seems distant. Worse, catch all that is noise around us. Sometimes you might as well call the PS Camera microphone and use it.

The configuration level, on PlayStation Store is available an application called “Headset Companion” to obtain the best result on the PlayStation 3 and 4. There are preconfigured profiles and custom profiles space origin. We can adjust the intensity of the bass or treble to take greater advantage of the games. Some producers, such as Sucker Punch, created their profiles to have the best experience possible with your game by giving a new level of immersion, thanks to surround and all the details.

Speaking of this system SRS, the headphone Surround, despite being virtualized is very good, being possible to distinguish the origin of each sound that surrounds us. I experienced the profile of The Last of Us with your latest DLC – Left Behind – and I must say that the sound is the best I’ve ever heard.


If you’re a gamer, you’ll find PlayStation all searches in PlayStation Stereo Headset for only €95. Are comfortable for long gaming marathons, work perfectly and have a excellent sound like only Sony can do. However, the voice is not the best for your microphone oddly positioned sideways. And also are not the most suitable if you want to use them in several different platforms only range Surround on PS3 and PS4. The level of comfort, robustness and reliability of sound on these consoles are very good but they have fierce competition with best microphone solutions and compatibilities with other brands.