An MBA Degree Abroad

An MBA Degree Abroad

Experience abroad, be it in a company or as a student, is still very important for companies that think and act globally.

After all, managers are also required to have a cultural understanding and think beyond the national market. The MBA or master’s degree has always been the most common degree at international level. Studying abroad for an MBA or Master offers a variety of opportunities to get to know other cultures better. However, this experience abroad can also be very costly, which should not be underestimated. Consider the costs already in the planning phase and consider for yourself whether studying in another country is really necessary. If the answer is “yes”, then it is up to you to decide which country and which study program offers the most positive impact on your professional career.

Many MBA or Master’s candidates not only want to study abroad, but also want to live and work there afterwards. If you are aiming for an international career, an MBA or master’s degree abroad is certainly a good prerequisite for this. The course offers a wide variety of opportunities for networking and exchange with other students, lecturers and tutors. Seen in this way, a study program is the ideal stepping stone into the subsequent world of work. When preparing, you should not forget to carefully inform yourself about the country-specific visas, work and residence permits!

In many countries, immigration laws require that a stay in another country be approved by the respective employer. In Great Britain, for example, there are special guidelines that make it easier for students to stay and work there after graduation. How easy – or how difficult – to find a job after graduation depends very much on the respective business school where you studied. Graduates from top class business schools will have no problem getting a residence permit and a job in a hip company. Graduates from mid-segment providers are likely to have to work harder for their visas and their jobs – unless they are in the top 10% of each year. Even if the career path should take place in your own country:

The experience gained abroad brings with it international thinking and understanding of global networks and markets. This knowledge can also be very useful for local companies. As already mentioned, a study program abroad is very expensive. For this reason, you should be clear whether time, effort and budget for your own career really pay off, or whether you should strive for a program in your own country. Business schools and universities usually offer longer study visits or internships at partner schools or partner companies abroad.

So find out what priorities you have in your career, what precautions you need to take and whether a foreign MBA is an advantage or disadvantage for you. If you want to pursue a career internationally, you should consider which country interests you the most. The US and UK traditionally offer the most good MBA and master programs, but European and Asian programs are also becoming increasingly important. In the following we would like to give you a brief overview of the different regions.


As already mentioned, the importance of MBA and master programs in Europe is steadily increasing. European MBAs are also recruited by international companies. The strength of European offers is particularly in special MBA programs and Europe’s entrepreneurship programs (corporate governance) lead worldwide!

With a wide choice and a large economic community, Europe is a strong choice for MBA and Master’s candidates. Despite the fact that the EU is an economic and political community, you should consider yourself a non-EU citizen in terms of residence permits and inform the visa in the respective targeted country, because the laws for this are adopted individually by each member state. As already mentioned, laws have been passed in Great Britain which entitle graduates or students of British business schools to apply for 1st place. This allows employment and residence permits in the UK for up to 24 months without the support of an employer.


America remains one of the most popular destinations for students. Since the MBA training was started in the USA, you will find the world’s best and most renowned business schools here. Graduates from Harvard, Wharton, Tuck, Stanford, or other top business schools have little difficulty finding an employer to handle residence permits in the United States. Graduates from middle-class business schools, on the other hand, find it a little more difficult. The current economic situation and the weak dollar are causing the number of unemployed in America to rise. This does not make it easier to put your foot in the door of a respected company, even with an MBA. Anyway:

Canada is seen as an interesting alternative if you would like to study in North America. The country has some internationally highly regarded training centers. Canada is increasingly becoming a country with good living and working opportunities and is proving to be an attractive opportunity to start an international career.


Asia’s study market is becoming increasingly important. The number of business schools has grown steadily in recent years. Destinations such as China, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Japan now have top institutes and MBA and master programs of exceptional quality. The economic boom in Asia is of course doing its part. Check Countryaah to see country profile of China, India and other countries in Asia.

Completing the MBA or Master in Asia is a very cost-effective alternative. The standard of living in Asia is also increasingly being adapted to the western. The fact that many European and American business schools have established branches in Asia means that studying in Asia offers the ideal opportunity to get to know the interesting and dynamic Indian and Chinese market and to bring both worlds – the Asian and the European – together.

Australia and New Zealand are also very popular when choosing to study for an MBA or Masters. However, entry to one of these countries is very dependent and conditional on your own country of origin. The possibility of finding a suitable job also depends on the country of study or the branch you prefer. Before you enroll in a program, you should contact the institute and find out about work permits and career opportunities.

Providers of MBA and master’s degree programs attach great importance to internationality and cultural exchange among students. It is therefore advisable to spend at least a certain amount of time studying abroad. The decision in which country you will ultimately complete your studies depends primarily on your professional interest.

If you want to gain a foothold in the United States, you should also complete your MBA or Master there if possible so that you can make contacts in advance and get to know the country, people and business during your studies. The same applies to Europe and Asia: You should definitely understand the language and know the customs and traditions of the country in which you look for a job after successfully completing your studies.

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