Amazing Women of the Series. Day 02: Joan Holloway

We arrived at the second day of our week of themed inspirational series muses! A week in one piece of female characters who, somehow, are contributing to breaking taboos and stereotypes.

And today is the day to go back in time and look there for the 60. Today we will talk of Joan Holloway, the series Mad Men.

I confess, love Joan since the beginning. I know, she is controversial, did things and you can not agree, (I promised I wouldn’t give spoilers), but you can’t deny that Joan is an amazing woman. At a time when women didn’t have time this girl managed to overcome a lot of barriers. Advance professionally, was a single mother and even showed us (in days) that beauty does not necessarily mean that also curves and thinness are beautiful.

The style of Joan, of course, has the face of 60 years. I love the looks of it because they are a lesson in how to value his own body. Joan knows what favors her curves and abuses of skirts and blouses acinturadas. In addition, the girl is a master at choosing the perfect shades to match your highlights redheads.

For my version of Joan, I tried to listen to his teachings and I opted for a pencil skirt with waist well marked. She’s not using prints, but I thought the silhouette was more important to compose the character and that was my skirt over “Joan”.

On top, a button shirt with antiguinha face, but perfect pro desktop. After all, we’re talking about a business woman, isn’t it?

For accessories, I decided to keep the same stock market yesterday. I think this round shape have vintage perfumes that ornou with the look.

Feet, there was no way not to put a small jump. I chose this blue to give a touch of color and because I thought this model also had a face a little retro.

To finish (and what, in my opinion, really gave the 60 ‘s touch of look), hair pulled back with a cowlick stuck on the flip side and back liftoff.Anything to try to bring a little bit of that air of elegance of the era.

Second day of our week of incredible women of the series: check!Let’s hear it for us!

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