A Smile Works Wonders-Right?

I am a total fan of laughing at people in everyday life. One stands at the traffic lights and laughs its opposite or one stands together in a queue in front of the supermarket and smiles the surrounding persons and the nice cashier/the cashier immediately with…

This acts true miracles, mostly meet the people then a lot more friendly-just in such wait situations I find a positive general mood more pleasant.

A Smileworks Wonders-Does Not It?

I would like to have a good time. When you are at the airport, you are at the center of the city. This really works wonders… usually, the others are friendlier-and especially in situations where you have to wait, I think a positive general atmosphere is in many cases more pleasant.

A Smile

But recently I had to make the experience. A smile can also make the opposite. Really!!! For example Saturday just before 12 in our post office. There I am almost a regular guest and this is not due to countless returns, as one might now assume. No-I keep a lot of my stuff. My frequent visits to the “post office” come through my mailbox. I had to empty it out of pure curiosity… 😉 So: It was Saturday afternoon before 12, just before the employees of our Postfiliale take their thick cast iron key to close the heavy gate for the weekend… I would like to still hinges and remain hanging, On the really long queue that stands out on the road. I like to be more or less elegant, I finally have a compartment that I just want to empty quickly… Just to find a notification card for a registered letter. What?

A Smile

However, I have a different experience. A smile can also have the opposite effect. Yes really !!! For example, Saturday morning shortly before noon in our post office. I am a regular guest. My frequent visits to the post office are because I have a post office box. And my curiosity leads me to get it on a regular basis… Therefore: It was Saturday morning, at the end of the day. I would like to have a look at it. I started to wangle my way, more or less elegantly, past the queue…. I would like to thank you for your interest in me. What?

The End Of The Snake

Okay what good, I trotte to the end of the snake, which still occurs to me for a long time, as now and imagine… It runs zäääääähhhh, like old gum… that is, running is in the context at all the wrong word.Because runs nüscht. All the people who are on the move seem to have really long-term concerns and I wonder what exactly can happen at the post? But, I am basically a relaxed person (I hope my children do not read here, and my sisters do not and my parents neither and my husband hopefully not – oh yes, the colleagues hopefully not… O: -))

The End Of The Queue

OK, what good what it is, I’ve been to the end of the queue. It moved sloooooowly like old chewing gum… ie the word “move” is totally the wrong word here. Absolutely nothing moved. Everyone who has been to the office in the future? But indeed…. I am a very friendly person (I am a very friendly person) and I am looking forward to hearing from you. -))

You Always Meet Twice

And how I stand there and think my thoughts in the way: Do I hurt my front man or rather the woman behind me? – comes into the queue. A person, a woman seems to have finished her posting and runs back to the exit-past us poor sausages, who are still standing there waiting and what makes them smile, maybe it was rather a grin – and her look says: Haha… I’ve finished…. The question, if I would like to hack, has done with it. I have found my sacrifice… Huh… No, of course not-after all, the woman will be standing behind me in the queue at some time-you always meet twice in your life… What I have worn on Saturday I never know (I fear it Was something red…. ;-))-for that I like to show you my look from the excursion into the snow. He has said goodbye now (thank goodness) but as Bärbel said recently on Instagram: On pictures looks snow really great. So enough reason to smile-have a wonderful Tuesday dear all…

… and still three notes:
1. In the registered was a gaaaaanz great dress, which I had shot at ebay.
2. In our post office there is no gate and consequently no cast iron key – but that has sounded so beautiful.
3. It is not yet the 6th of February-ie. There is still the chance  to win the package of wellbeing♥.

You Always Meet A Second Time

And as I was standing there, I would be the man in front of me, the queue started to move. A person, a woman seemed to have done her business in the post office and what was going back to the exit-passing by all of us poor devils who were still waiting and what did she do? She smiled. I can not wait to see you again. The question was I should strike first. I had found my victim. Yikes! Of course not-after all, in a queue. You always meet people twice in your life! I do not know what I do not know what I’m doing on a Saturday. In the meantime it, too, has disappeared (Thank God) but what did Bärbel write recently on Instagram? In pictures snow looks absolutely great!Enough reasons to smile…. Have a great Tuesday, everybody… ..

… .. and three more comments:

  1. In the last few years I’ve been to e-bay
  2. In our post office there is no gate and hence, no cast-iron key – but it just sounded so good
  3. The 6th of February has not arrived yet

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