A New Video Shows Us The Nexus 4 4.2 Android, Quick Settings and Multi-User Support

Today was the day chosen by Google to officially present their new Nexus and the new version of Android but has not been able to be because of the hurricane Sandy with which we will have to continue complying with the drip of leaks as the new video which appears the next mobile Google Nexus 4, with Android 4.2.

In the video we see in more detail the Nexus 4, version Android 4.2, It seems that it will remain Jelly Bean, and the functioning of the new Quick Settings, Quick settings that were already present in the interface of Android 3.0 tablets but arriving for the first time in the interface for mobile to premiering new design.

Quick Settings replace the notification bar settings button and clicking on it we see that we can quick access general settings of the mobile or directly to the settings of brightness, WiFi connection network, battery, mode airplane, Bluetooth and to our user account, since it seems that the version for Mobile Android also will support several user accounts so that we can have such a note our personal and in other accounts it has the workflow.

We also see that the application launcher in the Nexus 4 It shows more applications per page, with a grid of 5 × 5 and 5 × 4 not as it happened in the Galaxy Nexus with virtually the same resolution and screen size.