A Benchmark of The So-Called Galaxy SIII Is Filtered. So Is Compared with The Tegra 3 and The Snapdragon S4

The Galaxy SIII is a device which, without having been submitted, is on everyone’s lips, and seems already to be put on the market. After the teaser video of today, which increased concern and abhorrence of users equally, has been leaked a score of benchmark that this model would be, the GT-9300.

The test in question is the OpenGL, a graphical test measuring parameters such as frames per second which is able to render the device, that if well – and as always say – does not represent actual performance that can get a device of accurately and can give very biased information, it is of one of the few numerical parameters which we have to measure the capabilities of phones.

In the benchmark in question, which has been picked up by the guys at PhoneArena until they were eliminated, the scores of a so-called Galaxy SIII (or whatever you want to call at the end). These scores have been compared to those obtained by the HTC One X, with its Nvidia Tegra 3; the HTC One S, with its Snapdragon Qualcomm S4; the Galaxy S2 American, with Galaxy Nexus, with its 4 TI OMAP and Snapdragon S3, resulting the following:

So in this Benchmark, in Egypt and Pro, this course forms Galaxy SIII would sweep away to others as evidence of rendering frames per second to off screen, placing in the first place. Here should not be taken into account the number of pixels to move each terminal. Although as I said, must take into account that this It is not decisive in the end use, and they are leaks that cannot be to give them more credit than is necessary.