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How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

The labour market is increasingly competitive, which makes that all the aspects that can differentiate your application from all the other make a big difference. In this sense, having a good letter of recommendation is something that you can play in your favor.

A letter of recommendation is a document in which another person (usually someone who worked directly with him on a previous job, or a former professor) has their professional qualities and skills, with the goal of providing references to potential employers.

Despite being a aspect of the proposals is almost entirely overlooked in Portugal, the truth is that a letter of recommendation well-written actually works as an advantage for those who are looking for employment or even for those who want to start a master's degree, or apply for a research grant.

The first aspect to consider is whom to choose to write a letter of recommendation. You should choose someone with a relevant position and who is available to write the letter.

For help who will write your letter of recommendation, you can deliver him a copy of your curriculum vitae duly updated.

If the result does not correspond to your expectations, will not of course include it in your application.

1. Examples of letters of recommendation

To learn how to write a letter of recommendation, there is nothing like being able to see an example:


Job title – Company




Subject: Letter of Recommendation to the Architect Manuel Silva

Exmo.(s) Mr(s)

I am writing to recommend Mr. Manuel Silva to the role of Architect.

During the last years I had the opportunity to work directly with Mr. Manuel Silva. During the entire period in which he worked as an architect in company X, he has demonstrated all the competence and professional quality. Once that oversaw their performance, I feel qualified to recommend their professional capabilities.

Mr. Manuel Silva showed a great technical capacity, as well as a remarkable ability to adapt to new processes. Your ability to transpose for the paper true to the ideas of our clients, making them real and improving it when needed was a great asset to our company.

I also have to mention the excellent communication capability, which allows Mr. Carlos Silva to establish close relationships with customers and coworkers.

Throughout your stay in our company, exhibited also a spirit of tireless work, showing himself always available to do the projects move forward. Thus, it became a source of inspiration for the entire team.

I acknowledge to Mr. Manuel Silva's ability, qualifications, and qualities that allow him to be an excellent addition to any company and this way I recommend it strongly to the position that you are applying for. I believe that your company will become stronger if next to your employment. I am available to provide more clarification.



2. Strengthen your application with a letter of recommendation

As already mentioned, provide a letter of recommendation to the shelter of an application can make all the difference, especially if you are able to submit a letter really strong and valid, written by someone with a position relevant to a company by where it was in the past.

Finding the right person to write a letter of recommendation is a firm step in the direction of a good job.

Examples of letters of recommendation


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