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Introduction to MBA Cover Letters

The purpose of the cover letter is to tell the reader on the idea that your qualifications match the job requirements very well.

As opposed to your resume, which is a general document, the cover letter is specific to each job.

If your resume contains all your qualifications, why have a cover letter?
The resume demonstrates your qualifications in general.
The cover letter more clearly elaborates on how your qualifications fit any given position.
Also, it convinces recruiters to read your attached resume.

You always send a resume with a cover letter.

The cover letter is known as a "covering letter" in many countries.

Your goal is to show the recruiter that you are of unique value to them.

It also demonstrates your knowledge of the company and position.

Finally, the cover letter allows you to demonstrate how your career interest fits with the company. That is, you aren't just looking for a job, you are looking for THAT job.



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