5 Nexus in a New Ration of Images, Is Little to Teach

The world of leaks will not live only of the work of Mr evleaks, or the movements themselves of Google, and today we have a proof of this thanks to Android Headlines, which gives us a gallery of images from the 5 – LG and Google – Nexus, if didn’t know it yet.

The leaks were occurring directly in United States, and that we present have provenance Sprint, one of the operators that will offer the phone. Hence his style, recreations of the phone posing on white ground, visible from all angles:

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As only reference with respect to other elements, we find it next to a deck of cards – rather than because it has done other Sprint times-, and in some of the shots again see that white (black front) will be one of the options of starting.

Even if we ourselves do not impact directly, it is interesting to know that the phone several powerful operators – will have it in their catalog we don’t see Verizon – of the North American country: AT & T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

Taking advantage of the filtering, also a few days ago we encountered us with a gallery of images from manufacturer housings and covers protector, we found some interesting designs (Yes, there are golden):

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