5.0 MIUI Beta Will Be Available March 1st

Fans of custom ROMs for Android devices probably know very well MIUI, one of the most eye-catching developments and better usability. Its makers have announced that MIUI 5.0 Beta will be available on March 1.
The new edition of MIUI arrives as a major upgrade to a development that has been the basis of the the Chinese company Xiaomi terminals, whose successful Xiaomi M1, M1S and Mi2 have been incorporating successive versions of this different editions of Android-based ROM.

MIUI 5.0 will offer a theme with some visual changes – although the essence of MIUI is maintained – and that will mostly try to provide improvements in the smoothness and fluidity the behavior of all the software options.

MIUI 5.0 will be available for the Xiaomi M1 and M1S in a public way through the beta on March 1, but the single Xiaomi Mi2 users may evaluate it through a closed beta program. However, it is expected that you versions parallel to other devices – MIUI is compatible with a variety of Android smartphones – gradually appear.