2K Resolution Will Be Starring in The LG 2 G Pro and, Above All, The LG G3

A means of South Korea has overtaken more data over the next two high-end LG phones, a company that wants to put all meat on the spit in the coming months to the imminent announcements of other manufacturers of the competition.

According to the newspaper and previous rumors that have been shelling in various media, LG will present in the 2014 MWC Barcelona the LG G Pro 2, a phablet with 5.9 inch, while mayo will be the month chosen for the presentation of the LG G3, with a 5.5 inch diagonal. In both cases the resolution will be 2K, or rather, 1440 p.
Manufacturers and many media now refer to that word “2K” as the defining of these smartphones feature, although as already occurs in the television segment the term is misleading, and We should really use the term 1440 p, following standard that so far had been respected when defining these terminals screen resolutions.

Be that as it may, both LG G Pro 2 and the LG G3 which will arrive in February and in May will make use of 5.9 inch and 5.5 inch screens respectively to accomplished resolutions of 1440 x 2560 pixels, but there are more interesting news.

Expected for example that at least in the LG G3 we see for the first time in action to the processors octa – core Odin, they are comparable to the Samsung Exynos 5 Octa and that leverage like these big architecture. LITTLE. It will be interesting to see if these devices can compete this year with the rest of Terminal competition franchise.