Zebra Tablecloth

In addition to protecting the dining table, the tablecloth leaves even more beautiful decoration. As important as the menu that will be served, the storage table is essential to create a special atmosphere. A different alternative, with style and a modern touch is the zebra tablecloth. Animal print, long time is successful in the fashion market, is increasingly present in the decorative pieces.

Zebra tablecloth is an item that guarantees a unique effect to the décor of your dining table. You find this product in different materials, each with specific characteristics for different occasions. To take any of your questions, the a2zWallStickers blog prepared hints and tips. Get inspired and surprise the guests at your next dinner!

Zebra Tablecloth: Materials

Often, simply bet on a different piece to renew the decoration of an environment. The zebra tablecloth is an option to turn your dining room . However, before you buy your, find out what material is ideal for your home:

  • Cotton: one of the most traditional materials, cotton towel zebra table is practical and can be used from informal moments to special occasions. In addition to durability, this material is easy to wash and small levitra stains can be removed with the help of a damp cloth.
  • Polyester: a big difference to the zebra tablecloth produced with this material is in appearance. The polyester ensures a higher brightness, which can be used for more formal times.
  • Vinyl: resistant to exposure of sunlight, water and other liquids, vinyl zebra tablecloth is very easy to clean. This material combines with the more informal situations.

Zebra Tablecloth for Party Decoration

As well as home decor, when planning a party is very important to think about the details of the event. Be a dinner a cocktail or meeting with close friends, zebra tablecloth will give a unique touch. Special moments require woven height, so when choosing a tablecloth for the party opt for special fabrics.


It is also important to consider the combination of the dinnerware, play bowls and cutlery with zebra tablecloth. You can bet on parts black and white, the colors that accompanies the towel. On the other hand, you can create a contrast with pieces of bright colors such as yellow, red or green. Do not forget to think of a décor that has to do with your style and personality, which is a guarantee of unforgettable moments.