Zara TRF Leggings

I propose today the images of the lookbook of Zara Trafaluc dedicated to the month of September, which basically shows you pictures of the most beautiful models that you will find in Zara stores these days. Tell you that, of course there are plenty of must-have and the reasons for trend this season autumn winter 2011-2012, but we know that Zara is always attentive to the current fashion dictates, and that is truly original ways to adapt them to its clothing lines as well like those of footwear-the last one for example it is all inspired by models of the big brands, replicated for us in version low cost!

Zara is one of those brands that puts aside its economic policy to give us still fashionable forms, motifs, patterns and trendy color combinations, allowing in practice to have the same choice of famous brands but at lower prices, there are many ideas of the winter collection of note and also for the young line TRF does not disappoint. in September the catalog you will find inspiration for the 70 models of jeans a wide leg, but there are skinny jeans and leggings that now are the evergreen and even a tendency to ‘animal print jackets and fur coats in different colors. Even the shorts are designed with leopard print, you will know it is the fashion of the moment, so the line of accessories can be used in combination.

An interesting collection of Zara TRF this, look at the photos of the catalog and tell me what you think!