Zara Swimwear Summer

Today we talk about Zara and beautiful swimwear for spring summer 2011 we were served by the Spanish fashion brand low cost. I know that there is still cold, and the sea, beach and sun is not talked about, but you will see that now it is almost and within a few weeks will come the long-awaited spring that will make us want to costumes, spring and summer outfits and open shoes! Today we see with the new proposals of Zara, the bathing suits for summer 2011!

The costumes from Zadar bathrooms are beautiful and glamorous, like me because they are simple and cute but return a very attractive effect and chic.

We start from the swimsuit Zara most beautiful of the collection, the bikini with a bandeau top with a python print in blue, emerald green and gray, an absolutely fantastic mix of colors on him, with the skin a bit ‘tanned, looks really great.

Zara then there also proposes simpler costumes in solid and elaborated as black or fuchsia and even bikini with a navy print available in various colors, white, black and blue, fuchsia, white and dark blue and finally a press with strips thinner in white, black, blue and green.

I’m sure over the next few months we wi

I’m sure over the next few months we will see new models and new colors, but for now let’s enjoy this colorful preview of which certainly stands out the model with python print.