YouTube Red: the Paid-up YouTube with Videos Offline and Free Advertisements

The Google announced on Wednesday (21) the YouTube Red, a paid plan streaming that allow users to watch YouTube videos without viewing ads. Available initially in the US, the subscription will cost $ 9.99 per month and offer other benefits such as the ability to save videos to watch them even when you’re not connected.

YouTube Red will work in conjunction with Google Play Music, so just sign a service to automatically have access to another, paying a single monthly fee. Moreover, by becoming a subscriber, you can watch the videos in the background, you can play that video clip on YouTube while doing something else on your smartphone or tablet.

But the news does not restrict the (huge) current YouTube catalog: Google will also invest in original videos produced by leading YouTube content creators. These videos, which come from early 2016, will only be available to Red YouTube subscribers.

In the United States, YouTube Red may be signed from next Wednesday (28), with a period of tasting 30 days. Google has not yet announced when the service will launch in Brazil.