Your Inbox in Gmail Will Get Faster Action Buttons

The Google announced a few months ago another one of those small features that, when combined, make the Gmail differentiate itself from other services email. The quick action buttons that allow the user to perform certain tasks directly from your inbox without having to open their messages were more complete.

Now, if a friend you send a video recommendation on YouTube, for example, you can find a button labeled “View Video” (or equivalent in other languages) next to the subject line of the email. By clicking on it, the browser will immediately open the video page, even if you have not displayed the message content.

The feature can also be used for quick viewing shared files on Google Drive or to respond to messages on Google+, for example. But the most interesting is that even third-party services may use it. In its announcement, generic lipitor no prescription Google explains that there have quick access buttons to Dropbox folders and videos on Vimeo.

The list of compatible services can increase significantly since Google created a page so that developers can learn how to integrate their tools to use. So, can you create buttons for email offers for registration confirmation to shopping evaluation and so on.

The existence of a page for developers makes it clear that the novelty will not work if the criteria determined by Google are not followed. So buttons to YouTube or Vimeo to, for example, appear only if the recommendation is made by email from the sites of these services.

The new buttons are already appearing on some accounts, but may take several days to cover all Gmail users. It is not known whether the company plans to expand the buttons for mobile service applications.