You Know Choose Flashlight?

We know that the main function of the lantern’s light, of course, but you know there are different types, models, sizes and everything has a reason.

There are several lamps different moments, and so there are several models.

What To Take Into Account?

Are many things that you must weigh before choosing your flashlight. The weight, size, for that you need it. Think of all those questions before leaving for the purchase.

For any situation, pay attention to the power consumption of the lamp, that have led most economical and durable are, so, if you’re going to be away for a long time, the led can be your option.

The weight is also another issue that is important to take into account, since in a camp, for example, space and weight make a difference. The ideal is to balance weight X power for the Lanterndo your work without becoming a burden on the bag or on your hands.

Hand Lanterns Or Head?

Depends on your need. The ideal is to tell with one of each, as they are for different times. In activities such as climbing, it is necessary to now lantern to illuminate the tent during the night the lantern of the hand may be a better option.

At the, you will find all kinds of flashlights to meet your expectations. Go to and check out.