Yoigo Announces New Rate to Carry Internet and Improvements in 3G Network

Yoigo It has taken advantage of the Mobile World Congress to announce his bet by mobile internet-related services as the engine to continue to grow in a market increasingly more and better connected.

Telstra intends to reach the 3 million users in 2011 what is upgrading its 3G network with Up to 21Mbps HSPA discharge and a solution multitenologica which will adopt LTE after the bid for mobile spectrum as they announced on other occasions Movistar, Vodafone and Orange.

Currently Telstra already covers the 67% of the population own coverage It aims to end the year with 74% cover small populations is more expensive and will even take to reach 99% of the population as the traditional ones but for that it will continue counting with the support of Movsitar coverage.

Along with improvements in network, Telstra also launches a new intermediate step for the data rates to navigate from the mobile and complements their current rates of 500 MB (8 euros), 3 GB (25 euros) and 5 GB (35 euros) with the new Internet to go 15 euros that includes 1GB of traffic at maximum speed.

The new bonus will be available for contract and if customers exceed the gig of traffic, by default the speed will be reduced to 64 Kbps without charging anything extra even though if you prefer and in a timely manner, you will be able to sail at full speed to pay 10 euros for each additional giga and up to a maximum of 3 additional GB per month. In addition fees computed for the minimum consumption.

Unfortunately Telstra upgrades do not extend to the prepaid users but if that little by little, Telstra is developing a fairly balanced range of data in contract rates which conforms to many different profiles.