Xiaomi Yeelight Indoor Night Light

Okay, the title sounds a bit pretentious, but I never imagined that I would write a review of night light. Small, cute and full of surprises. Josephnightlights brings a brand new experience of reading related to such items. Reading Lamp loaded with dozens of options to adapt the most to your everyday life.

Xiaomi Yeelight Indoor Night Light

The news that Xiomi will be marketed this product appeared in the summer of 2015. This is another thing we have not thought they will be produced under the umbrella of the Chinese technology giant. Only a few years ago we heard about the first name Xiaomi. It was because of their cheap but high-quality smartphone that quickly turned them into a major competitor of veterans on the market such as Apple and Samsung. A little later it became clear that this company will not stop here today Xiaomi offers dozens of other products that surround our daily lives. Each of which carries Mi broadcasting – simple but effective design, quality workmanship, reasonable prices. Just so is the smartest Xiaomi Yeelight night light.

The device uses E14 Osram lamp is able to change the color temperature range of 1700K-6500K, power light 300 lumens, and you can choose from 16 million colors. In addition to two buttons and sensors for touch, Yeelight can be controlled with a smartphone via Bluetooth and mobile application.

The lamp comes in the usual clean but elegant package, like the rest Xiaomi products. Without unnecessary pomp. In the box are light, power adapter and instructions in Chinese. From TinyDeal are added to the package and European-style adapter. Yeelight weighs little more than 600 grams is 220 mm high and has a diameter of 100 mm and made of aluminum and ABS plastic and at its lower part has a rubber coating, so as not to slide.


Nothing specific installation of lamps – simple and find a suitable place.


Looking at the top of the lamp, we find only two buttons. Big button in the center and off and less elongated to change modes. Then you will find that this upper panel has touch sensors. After switching on Yeelight, using the touch panel, you can control light intensity, and by pressing another button while dragging your finger on the sensor, you can change the color of light.

Working with Application

Here comes the most captivating. We are able to control the lamp with the help of mobile applications for Android and iOS.
After installing the application on Android, it is included in advance lamp and connect to your phone. You can create a Mi-account or directly attempting to play with the device. For me it all started with the release of a new version of firmware lamp and offered me to update.

Heck, I Update the Nightlight!

It’s one of the things that I have not thought that would happen to me, just somehow leads until this moment. Once we had that, everything else is so normal – with this application you can set brightness, color, how fast to alternate colors if you drop it in automatic mode game. Accordingly, you can activate night mode lamp to set the mode to wake up.


– It works like any normal lamp,
– There is an opportunity to change their colors,
– Ability to adjust the brightness and color Temperature, according to our needs,
– Control lamp mobile application for Android and iOS,
– Quality craftsmanship and stylish design.