… Would Google Chrome to Leave The BETA in The Next Few Weeks Come Also to Gingerbread?

Surely most users of Google services know the taste that has the Mountain View company by launching their products in beta then finish grinding them as users can use them accustomed to use.

Google Chrome for Android was not an exception, since after many rumors and news reached Android almost Ice Cream Sandwich hand and also as a BETA. It is now when Sundar Pichai, Vice-President of the section of Chrome and Apps on Google, confirms that We are close to the arrival of the final version Google Android browser.

From his birth, Chrome has already had several updates, some more important than others, but none that approach a stable version. However, Sundar Pichai words in the interview shows that, although There is a date estimated or determined, the final version of the browser will arrive when they get to finish polishing the details that users have reported, both bugs and improvements; and it seems that that date is already close.

Google Chrome has become in a very short time in one of the browsers Favorites on Android, being very versatile and adding improvements such as synchronization with the desktop browser or cloud markers. Even so, still missing things to improve, as for example to add the ability to switch between mobile view or desktop.

The biggest problem that Google Chrome has is own Google Chrome, and is that the browser may only be used in the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, which presents a very low penetration in the market at the moment, leaving the great majority of users without the possibility of using the browser of Google.

Taking into account that the next Google I/O nearby, it is not unreasonable to think that one of the centers of attention is the final version of Chrome for Android, although We hope that with this final version will add support with other versions of Android, at least with Gingerbread and Froyo, that combine the vast majority of users today.

Do not know if the new features of rendering hardware which adds Ice Cream Sandwich is to blame, or if the browser can easily move to previous Android 4.0 versions, although the successful would be bet for compatibility. Will this step give Google?