Women’s Must Have Wardrobe

If you’re a skinny girl you should not enter into depression and also not have to worry, because here I will show how you dress you and that clothing must be used. With these tips you can look a beautiful, slender figure without plastic surgery, so take note des these tips and put them into practice.

The first thing you should do is to use appropriate clothing and that it fits perfectly with your body, that way your body will look balanced. If you want to create volume in your body, especially to go to your work you must wear or use the following:

  • Firstly you must wear skirts.
  • You can also use acinturadas blouses.
  • Acinturadas blouses must have volume on the hips.
  • Don’t make the mistake of putting you straight skirts.
  • Because straight skirts are more your thinness.

For all the girls that are flaquitas and who want to see more gorditas on the weekends advise them the following tips from agooddir blog:

You must wear a cute pair of jeans of the color that you like, but if is your exact size and so you can pretend you’re not very skinny.

You must combine jeans with a beautiful coat and a cute blouse that will help you to form curves that you want.

Absolutely all the girls flaquitas be used jeans with blouse or jacket, because it is the best way to create a very feminine look.

If this guest to a party that takes place in the evening I’m going to suggest that you use the following elegant dresses:

If your bust is small and you want to emphasize it, I advise you to put a wonderful short dress that v-neck.

You can also use a super short strapless dress for a night of partying, this model will create a perfect balance.

It is highly recommended that short evening dresses that you use should be made of heavy fabrics.

If the short dress with sleeves you must try to be loose sleeves that contain much fabric in your arms.

So you can create a visual effect of volume you must put an evening gown coto having flight.


It is very important to mention to you that short dresses that you use should not be very close to your body, it is best to be loose.

The girls flaquitas-friendly colors. They are those colors because they help to visually widen the figure.

It is not recommended that put garments that be dark colored, since these colors will make you look thinner.

For a party or meeting you you not seen full black, it is best that you put a dark pants and a white blouse.


Textures. All flaquitas women should put clothing of thick fabrics and forget thin or lightweight fabrics.

For example; instead of using a silk opt for one that this made of thick cotton or having lace applications.

Before you buy your clothing is very important which you try well. Never buy hurry and much less without try.

It is best that you try and always carries a friend next to you to see if you have the clothes that you buy well or not.

Because it is not equal to look in a mirror that you look at other eyes, so Berry to buy your clothes with MOM, Dad or a friend.