Women’s Blazer:90 Incredible Looks, + Unmissable Brand and Price Guide!

Although concepts of tailoring had long been rooted in the formal or “typical right” aspects.

Nowadays, the thousand and one feature has become the “elegant”, stylish, practical thing every woman needs to have in her wardrobe!

Curinga , the women’s blazer goes well with any type of production bringing mega ares “trend style” to the most usual day-to-day looks to the stripped (with mix of textures and piece of different styles).

Whether winter or summer, patterning is always a guarantee of success for its composition, bringing the legacy of typical modeling – “classic that never goes out of style . ” Beyond that, it brings other advantages in terms of textures and ways of dressing!

Want to know everything about this darling pure sophistication and give an incredible face to simpler looks?

Come with us as we prepare all this, and an incredible list + prices and models, especially for you!

Where to buy? Trademark and Price Tips

From fast fashion to imported online stores, there is a super variety in women’s blazers at various prices and materials.

Below are some beautiful models with more affordable prices!


One of the most famous fast fashions and with super prices, Riachuelo has two super nice options available on the store’s blog in two types of texture (tailoring and synthetic leather).

Below check the photos and see their values!

C & A

In the official online store of InternetSailors we also find two other super trend options. The modeling blazer off white, and the gray blends, super simple reminding many texture of more sporting clothes. Look!

Renn er

Already in the online store of Renner we do not have many varieties in feminine blazers, but we found the traditional model, “wildcard” in black color in alfaitaria, that super combines with everything!


Simple models Neoprene or more modern and super stylish jaquard types are just two of the options available at the Marisa online store!

Free market

In the site of the Free market the variety in feminine blazers is very great having availability of several different brands and models.

There we find two alternatives of fast fashion Zara , in which the brand’s official website does not sell to Brazil online, only in its physical stores that are spread among 15 states in Brazil .

See below the map link to find the store closest to you!


But if you still prefer to buy online, in the Free Market we find two models in vibrant shades super beautiful and you can get your part of the brand without leaving home !

Check prices!

Eli Express

The Chinese buy site EliExpress offers really super beautiful models of women’s blazer.

And far beyond the options being a charm apart, the best news is that the cost is much lower than the options we showed earlier!

Female Blazer Models and Photos

Now that you already know where to find the piece to assemble your composition.

Let’s get color and modeling tips that will make your look sweeping!

Black White

Traditional black models combine with absolutely everything and are the perfect option to add a touch of elegance to your production.

Already white is a tone that brings amplitude, so if you are wanting to disguise the extra kilinhos, better avoid!


Solar and well vibrant the yellow tone is the pure relaxation alternative, to bring joyful airs to your composition!

But be careful when choosing the mix of parts. Choose only for him as a key piece (call attention) of your look, so that the look is not too loaded on the tone information item!


Super striking , red is in the palette of colors a very variant tone that can range from more closed options that make your production more sophisticated.

To the living red that is also the mega modern option!


Feminine and delicate pink is the super alternative that besides providing relaxation to the visual, is one of the shades of the color palette that can make your production fun and extremely beautiful!

Varying a lot also in the contrast of the tone, going from pastels (aged) to fuchsia and pink, the optional will become the unique charm of its composition!


Hi, gorgeous blue model is cheerful, and has that modern footprint that adds a lot to the look, making your production even more powerful!

In addition to super- elaborate composition, the blue blazer features alternate tones that can tinker from sobriety and (not drawing so much attention) to the lighter ones (which make the mega piece livened up and vibrant).


The original creative and mega tone is not widely seen as a favorite tone for blazers. But the composition with the model can be “singular”, and extremely full of style, inserted in your look!

Gray/Beige/Off White

Neutral tones ( NUDE ) are the perfect option for more conservative compositions in terms of the color range, which super-balances the look.

Ideal for women who opt for discreet, the blazer in these tones is incredible mega for those productions with a detail in striking “accessories” and with a little color or shine.

Not to mention that the alternatives in gray (depending on the texture) may seem mega sports, already the beige and the off white, are the traditional pure elegance.


The face of day-to-day productions more informal, the prints always have their place captive!

And in terms of blazer could not be different . After all, from the floral, animal print to modeling with stripes , your look gets super original airs, bringing joviality and relaxation to your look!

Slim fit

A cut that values ​​the waist, the alternative is super valid for those who seek to take a wipe (visual) in the measurements or bring evidence the curves.

The slim pattern is incredible and brings your composition even more flawless, redesigning the silhouette!

Remembering that specifically this model you find in the online store of imported Aliexpress (quoted in this post, topics above) with an incredible variety in colors and models, at a mega price. Worth checking out!

Plus Size/For Gordinhas

Extra G super-gorgeous and trendy models, do not miss out on the elegant optional women’s blazer .

The main tip (wets measures) when making a combination of look with plus size colored blazer, is to opt for looks all black and leave the key detail (draws attention) to your vibrant blazer!

Below is a selection of some beautiful and tuned versions that add to the look.

Short Sleeve

Not very conventional short sleeve modeling is a great choice for composing summer looks full of style.

Providing that look “tidy” its composition, the piece is a first and super differentiated!

Of Velvet

Classical material of sophistication , with its heavier texture and “warm” , the full model of personality, brings a more pure refinement, being the ideal blazer option for the cooler seasons of the year.

Beyond being the elegant standard piece, it is versatile, and can provide that super up, even in more disconcerted productions!

How to Wear Female Blazer: Looks Tips

After this super complete guide on pricing and modeling, we’ll help you make super-stylish combinations that will make your “blazer looks” look dignified. Come with us!

With dress

Blazers are the excellent option to bring a touch of grace and style to the looks with dresses.

Extremely inspiring, this combo mold has a few “gold” rules that help me not to miss the composition. See below !

If you are not very fond of “fashion” and the bold combinations, full of mix in prints (photo above).

The ideal at first is to follow that basic rule “less is more” so that the piece does not weigh in its production, in which for models of printed blazer, modeling of smooth dresses are ideal (photo below).

Want something more sober and elegant? Dressed in a blazer in the same tone, they guarantee the look, that impeccable and super feminine look.

With Sweatshirt

Stripped sweatshirts are among the stylish alternatives if combined with a blazer, they bring that original super-modern composition full of attitude!

With Pants Jeans

Dupline perfect to form the modern and casual combination “without error”.

The blazer breaks down the wildly stripped casualness of the simple mix of jeans and T-shirt for example , adding that hyper “chic” touch .Renewing super visual!

Casual chic composition with destroyed pants .

With skirt

Want a powerful twist on your most casual production with skirt?Throw a blazer and bring a full air charm to your look!

According to Gloria Kalil, the key to hitting your “blazer + skirt” bet is to opt for the least heavy textured modeling possible, so you do not bump into the freshness-filled composition, including for example a smooth tailor blazer.

Already the “no-error” wild tones are due to the classic black and white!

With short

Productions with shorts are “completely” cool, but they can get a refreshed and extremely chic look with female blazer model!

I enjoy

Already in the item lengths the short blazer brings an informal footprint to the look without leaving aside the style and the modernity of the composition. Look!


While more elongated options add that super fashion to the production, bringing the “stylish” glam footprint to the right measure!

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