Women’s Backpacks:Shopping Guide and Style

Buying backpacks is not a simple task. Several items should be taken into account, especially when dealing with women’s bags, in which we carry a large amount of objects.That’s why in the women’s backpack shopping guide you will find the tips you need to know where to buy and why to buy that backpack model.

Today we will present fantastic tips for buying that cheap backpack, backpack for back to school, backpack for work, gym and even backpacks for notebook.Today’s post is the guide you needed to buy backpacks online and in physical stores.

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Women’s backpacks: Fashionable Hit

The backpacks have gained a space that goes beyond the classroom. The two-shoulder straps model has made room for the day-to-day looks without having to really have books and notebooks inside it.
That’s why we can find backpacks that have prints, fabrics and functions that go beyond reinforcement to last a whole school year.
The street style gained a lot from that.And lovers of backpacks have been able to gain even more models with wonderful colors and fabrics.The Chanel backpack, for example, was one of the models that rocked in the international fashion weeks.

How to use women’s backpacks

An important point to highlight when using a backpack is the way we use it. Usually when we want to use a backpack is because we need to carry a lot of objects that would not fit in an ordinary bag.
Therefore, the backpack ends up getting very heavy.To avoid the famous back pain, we should strictly follow some tips on the correct way to use backpacks.

First: The best way to use a backpack is to make it stand above the hip.
Second, you should never put your backpack on so that it hits your hip.
Third: You should never use the backpack on just one shoulder, this will cause the entire weight to be deposited on only one side. This will make you “crooked” depending on the amount of weight and how often you do it.
Fourth: Never take more weight than you can handle. It’s no use putting all the books you have right in your backpack, thinking it will balance the weight. What it will do is make you pretty crooked, regardless if you’re only wearing one shoulder or both.
Fifth: Always use lightweight, with the strap over both shoulders and with the backpack tightly fitted.

Violá!Now that you know how to use a pouch without damaging your spine.It’s time to look for the perfect model for you and your style.

Women’s backpacks 2016

The trends of women backpacks that have given what to speak this year of 2016 are the “bag purse”.The models vary widely and end up leaving aside the name “bag” to become a true “backpack”.

Several brands invested in the model and even added even more trends, such as fringes, that make the model even more current.

Another model that has gained space are those with leather.It is worth mentioning that the fasteners have been in the market for a long time, but have gained full force this year.

The models with jeans fabric have everything to turn hit and, of course, make the look even cooler .

Cheap women’s backpacks

Many people care about the quality of the products but sometimes give it up for a product that has lower cost and unlikely durability.The best thing to do in these cases is to go after products with already established brands but that have a model that has a more affordable price.

The JanSport brand, for example, has a very classic and inexpensive model, usually around $ 99, and has varied colors and prints. JanSport is that backpack brand that Bella Swan from the Twilight vampire movie wore, who do you remember?
Brands such as Adidas, Nike and even department stores like Leader, Renner, C & A and Riachuelo have rucksacks that follow current trends and have a very interesting durability in addition to an affordable price.

In department stores such as the ones I quoted, when stock exchanges are the latest models in the store, prices drop, as with all brands, normally.Therefore, it is interesting to always observe how much the backpacks are costing or to wait until they are few in stock and the price goes down.

Remembering that this is a strategic form, but that does not guarantee that you find that incredible backpack that you had seen months ago.

I have already been able to buy two backpacks from Leader that were R $ 89 for R $ 29, because I managed to arrive in time to buy the latest models available from the store.I already bought a backpack at Renner of R $ 69 but before it was sold at more than R $ 129. As I said, pure luck and often patience.

School Backpacks

Finding backpack to go to school is one of the biggest dilemmas of all students in every year. There are those who prefer to choose the backpack for the decorations, the quantity of pockets and repartimentos and those that appreciate the quality of the backpack.
Anyone who chooses for quality may prefer to buy a backpack that lasts for more than two years changing backpacks every year.So it is worth buying backpacks as expensive as Kipling and consecrated brands like Nike and Adidas.

If you are one of those who is very sick of backpacks, the tip is to buy one that has a more neutral color without many details or choose to choose cheaper backpacks but can buy large quantities.When I say “large quantities” I am referring to at least three backpacks, so you can vary without getting so sick.

Therefore, it is worth choosing three following exactly the idea that one should be more neutral, another should have a stronger color and another have a fun print.

It is also worth thinking about a leather backpack that serves either to go to the stage or work, or to that trip where you need to carry a handbag or need few pieces of clothing, such as on trips back.

Another detail to choose from your school bag is to think about what you need to organize your material.Not many people think about it, but a pocket with a front pocket, which most JanSport models have, is great so that we do not miss school cards, keys and even to put that mini agenda with the homework.

Something that some people like to use to go to school, is those bags that have internal partitions destined for the notebook.It is worth noting that not all choices allow students to use laptops in the classroom, but you can use the spreadsheet to organize the activity sheets inside the backpack without needing a plastic folder.

(1) Jacquard Amores Backpack – Imaginarium – R $ 249,90
(2) Backpack stripes pocket with buckle – Imaginarium – R $ 199,90
(3) Bags with Dotted Hearts Black – Imaginarium – R $ 189,90
(4) Juma Cavalera Backpack – Kanui – R $ 159,90
(5) Backpack Ekco – Kanui – R $ 139,90
(6) Juma Cavalera Backpack – Kanui – R $ 189,90
(7) Backpack Class Seoul salmon Neon Peach – Kipling – R $ 599
(8) Pink Stelba Backpack Begonia Pink – Kipling – R $ 599
(9) Turquoise Bottom Turquoise Backpack – Kipling – R $ 399
(10) Webmaster Gray Gray Night Backpack – Kipling – US $ 430
(11) Digibreak Backpack – JanSport – R $ 199
(12) Superbreak Printed Backpack – JanSport – £ 65
(13) Right Pack Pink Rucksack – JanSport – R $ 299
(14) Graffiti Printed Canvas Backpack – Chanel – R $ 370

Laptop Backpacks

The computer became an indispensable item mainly for students.They can tell you that the cell phone facilitates many tasks, but the computer remains in the spotlight to further enhance these activities.When you have a notebook it is even easier to carry everywhere.

But the question is: how to take the notebook without danger of spoiling it?

The notebook skins are great ways to protect you and with them you can put the notebook in all the backpacks you have for fear of ruining.If you want a backpack suitable for this function, it is worth looking for those that have the specification “notebook” or “laptop” in the product name in Internet searches.

Different from what you imagine, many backpacks look ordinary and have no face “they are carrying a notebook inside”, which could draw attention to thieves in case you walk too much on the street to get to work or college.So you can use it without fear, but of course without leaving the caution aside.See some models of notebook backpacks.

(1) Marine Laptop Backpack with Caramel – Imaginarium – US $ 149.99
(2) Neutral Bicolour Laptop Backpack – Imaginarium – R $ 219,90
(3) Gray Notebook Backpack – Samsonite – US $ 149.99
(4) Hang Loose Tribe Backpack – Notebook – Kanui – R $ 149,90

Women’s backpacks for festivals

Music venues feature that boho-style or rocker style, but it’s worth thinking that backpacks might be a good idea if you travel from one town to another just to watch the shows.

A model that catches attention at this time is the leather and fringes.Leather ones can get a bigger size so you can get your clothes inside it.Now, if you choose one that has fringe, remember that you will not find one that has a favorable size to carry your clothes inside.

The fringe models that we find in stores are meant for outings.So if you want a bag to go to the festival, the fringed ones are the perfect option for you.My Renner Stores handbag I told you I found with a super-affordable price has fringes and has a more brown-toned look that makes the boho look even more in evidence.

I made a round of festival looks with backpacks for you to take inspiration from.

Backpacks for work

Who likes to go to work using backpacks needs to privilege the comfort and the more neutral colors.There are collections that are made just for those people who need practical items to go to work, so it’s worth investing in them.

Now, if you are one of those who care more about fashionistas items than your own comfort, it is worth investing in renowned handbags to make the look even more incredible work.I put these models of Chanel handbags as an example.

(1) Gray Backpack – Imaginarium – R $ 219,90
(2) Cavalera Backpack Montana – Kanui – R $ 149,90
(3) Backpack for work DEEDA – Kipling – R $ 729
(4) Digibreak Gray Backpack – JanSport – $ 89
(5) Backpack – Chanel
(6) Metal backpack – Chanel

Women’s backpacks for gym

When choosing the right backpack to take to the gym the first step is to look at the fabric that is made.It’s no use taking a bag with fabric that is not impermeable to water, because when you take a shower or come back from the gym, the fabric will eventually get wet and may even ruin what’s inside or even cause unwanted staining on the fabric.

Therefore, whenever you are looking for a backpack for gym, look at the fabric and see if it is waterproof.After that, see if you can put everything you need into it.Some people take a shower inside the gym, so they should bring slippers, towels, hair creams, combs, and underwear to wear after the gym.

So, it is essential that all of this is in order and still has a space reserved for small objects such as keys and wallets.

(1) Versatile 3S Backpack – Adidas – US $ 59.99
(2) Backpack – Adidas – US $ 59.99
(3) Linear Backpack – Adidas – US $ 79.99
(4) All 3S Backpack – Adidas – US $ 59.99
(5) Pink Linear Backpack – Adidas – US $ 69.99
(6) Victory Backpack – Nike – US $ 119.99
(7) Classic Sand Backpack – Nike – R $ 99,90

Which backpack is your favorite? Which template goes to the different places we add here? Send us your favorite backpacks and, of course, your questions!

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