With Grinding Against the One – Sided

Only a few men wear grinding – why actually? Finally speak many advantages to wearing a loop. A practical reasons, such as “The fly is at lunch in the soup”, “it does not interfere with the work” or “it allows me freedom of movement”.

Loop individually and also much more practical than a tie

A further crucial reason: any man who decides for loop instead of tie can therefore visually expressing his individuality and emphasize personality.

Fashion women brought each season countless clothing trends. In contrast, men on official occasions, as well as in everyday work have few ways to differentiate themselves through clothing from others. Suit and tie are customary. While color and style vary here from time to time, but on the overall look and feel nothing changes fundamentally. Find you boring that not even in the long run?

With a tie against the one-sided

When are you raised the last time positively as man on the style of your dress or even an accessory ? Can you do not remember? No wonder – eventually the entire world of men has subjected the Western business one-sided “Suit plus tie”. The whole world of men? No, because relies on individuality and style, to class instead of mass, just a small group of men: to loop instead of tie.

These men are raised again and again, because they stand out from the crowd due to a small but fine clothing detail: your loop.

A fly exudes optimism

Convinced flying carrier name as a motif for the handle to fly almost in unison: “Since I wear a bow tie, remember me people, face open and friendly to me and say that I radiate optimism.”

Flying carrier not lost in the crowd, but to be remembered: for example the earlier federal research Minister Heinz Riesenhuber. Himself who has now forgotten his name, remembers that he always wore a bow tie. Also prominent contemporaries, such as for example the talk master Alfred Biolek wear a bow tie as a personal trademark. Or think of 007-James Bond…

The decision for a loop once fallen, man faces a practical problem. Because: Who can garner a bind loop? The textile industry has responded to appropriately and offers a variety of already bound to fly. Convinced flying carrier however “ignore” fly bound to. They accept this as an interim solution until they can tie a fly itself. The corresponding binding technique is finally easy and fast to learn.

Grinding for every taste and every budget

Are you curious? Are a type of individual and style-conscious and want to express your personality visually? Or are you already a staunch flying carrier? Fly on fly, are however always looking for beautiful, high-quality models? No problem: There are loops for every taste and budget.

The grinding experts the grinding factory have authored this guest post. In their guest articles, we learn all kinds of interesting facts about the butterfly wings.