Winter Glasses Models

Models Of Sunglasses For Use In Winter-2013 Trends

Who says shades are just accessories for summer? Not even in the winter the Sun also shines strong, so, in addition to ensuring the style, you also need to protect your eyes. Usually the glasses that you wore in the summer can be used in winter, what’s really changed were some trends, bringing new models to bet. Check out what are they:

The round glasses are one of the strongest trends for this winter. He appears in the more traditional version, like Ray Ban used John Lennon, with normal or mirrored lenses. In addition to this option, there is also the model with acrylic frame and rods with baroque design of the Prada fashion house, which is the biggest success.

The sunglasses with drawing type “Aviator”, as the traditional Ray Ban 3025, are among the trends for some time, despite never having gone out of fashion. Now, they’ve come back very strong with mirrored lenses. The shades of red/orange, gold and blue are the darlings of those who want a pair of glasses to highlight in looks.

The style template “kitten” is also among the Favorites for women for winter.These glasses have the corners pulled out, like cat’s eyes would mimic. Is often used in acrylic frame, whether it is flat black, Brown or beige, besides the tigradinhas options, you rock. Get inspired in Audrey and I found the worry, Mr. Hapburn your model.