Winter Camping Tips and Tricks

15/12 2014. thermometer-1 C, but snow still shines by its absence. This month of year there are not many people who go out on tour, especially when there is no snow that lights up the landscape. But to wander just before the snow settles can also be a great experience and there are actually some advantages. It’s often frosty in the ground, which makes it easy to walk in the woods. Another advantage is that you will probably be alone out on the trail, which can be an experience in itself. Pack the right clothes, a insulating sleeping pad and a warm sleeping bag covers to get hopefully a different and delightful Winter Tour. You can also try to replace the tent against a tarp or utilize a shelter along the way. This way you travel lightly and must at the same time a close to nature experience.

Below I present my packing for the tour. I was gone for three days. The weather was stable with changing molninghet and temperatures around 0 / -2 C. I journeyed through forest with snow on the ground and spent the night under the tarp. Gasket total weight landed at 9 kg.

The backpack
On this tour, I chose to take my favorite backpack for forest tours, an arctic fox Helags 40 . The beauty of this backpack is that the size is perfect (40 liters) for short overnight trips. The backpack has a comfortable suspension system with a real-relieving hip belt that allows little heavier loads. The backpack is neither light or heavy in itself but firmly durable. The two large side pockets can easily fit bottles up to 1.5 liters. Between the pockets and the bag is a space where you can attach an ax. Other practical details are top lid pocket, Velcro fasteners for trekking poles and large fronfickan where you can store a rain poncho, map and compass, etc. The back panel is molded with contours that are comfortable against my back. The bottom is reinforced and there is also a built-in rain cover.


Carrying system: adjustable
Fabrics: 500D nylon, 750D nylon
Volume: 40 liters.
Dimensions (WxDxH): 48 x 24 x 66 cm.
Weight: 2 kg.
50 kr goes to the project “Save the Arctic Fox”

I think Helags 40 outgoing model, so take the opportunity to lay hands on a copy before it disappears.

The clothes
Here are all the clothes that went with us on the camping. The CAMPINGTOPGEAR has numbered some stuff that I want to raise a little extra.

(1) Scale Boots from Lundhags with good space means that you can fit ullsulor and warm wool socks.

(2) Softshell Trousers Tierra. A pair of strong softshell pants is perfect in winter tours.They provide comfortable movement when you walk while warming gently in cold weather. Would it be too hot can easily ventilate by opening the zippers on the sides of the legs.

(3) A flexible jacket from Fjällräven. Ventilates incredibly well and protects against the wind thanks to the combination of G-1000 and stretch. This jacket has got to go on all sorts of tours over the years and is one of my most useful garment.

(4) In order to facilitate the packing, I decided to bring a smooth rain poncho instead of a rain suit. Length of the terrain and the prevailing weather decided the election. This poncho can also be made ​​into a nödtarp. It weighs only 280 grams and does not take more space than a half-liter water bottle.

(5) I felt I had to take a little warmer gain jacket but still wanted to leave the down jacket at home. There had to be something in between. Here you see Marmot Variant Jacket that has synthetic insulated ducts at the front of the torso. Not as warm as a jacket, of course, but warmer than a traditional fleece. Note If you are unsure you are driving on a down or synthetic jacket so you do not freeze and getting chilled during the break.

(6) Anyone who is out in the forest in autumn and winter know how uncomfortable it is with wet gloves. I chose a pair of flexible gloves in merino wool closest to the hand (which also works together smartphones), a pair of warm gloves in Gore-tex from Hestra and skaltumvantar for extra protection against rain and wet snow.

(7) Medium weight underwear in merino wool from Icebreaker. A pair of long underwear, a sweater and a T-shirt. Wool is the best option when it is cold.

(8) A ribbed woolen hat from the arctic fox and a balaclava in merino wool from Aclima. The balaclava is incredibly comfortable to use in your sleeping bag and you do not have to breathe in cold air during the night. Although this is wool preferable because it heats even if it gets a little moist.

In the next post I show the rest of the equipment.